PGO Releases Its Light-Duty Electric Scooter Ur2 with Sub-NT$40,000 Base Price

published: 2021-01-27 9:30 | editor: | category: News

PGO has officially announced the Ur2 Plus light-duty e-scooter, which carries a green license plate in Taiwan and features a wheel hub-integrated motor and single-cell battery. Not only does the Ur2 come with a plethora of available accessories, but it can also be had for as little as NT$40,000 thanks to its various financing options.

With the Ur2, PGO is targeting Gogoro Viva users, whom the company believes to be short-range, light-duty riders.

Some may criticize the Ur2 to be a mere rebranding of the Viva, and they would be justified in saying so. Since two bikes are otherwise identical in terms of powertrain, riding range, and chassis, PGO is brandishing the scooter’s adorability as a major selling point.

Although the Taiwanese general public has for the most part gotten used to the exterior appearance of the Gogoro Viva owing to the ubiquity of ridesharing service GoShare, which places a Viva on virtually every street corner in Taiwan, many still balk at the idea of owning one due to its avant-garde design.

And that’s where PGO is hoping to capitalize with its Ur2 offering. The company has done their homework when it comes to design, while keeping the performance and riding experience by and large intact. The front of Ur2 features PGO’s signature curves that are reminiscent of a smile. Eggshell-like rounded curves and scratch-resistant layers add to the touch and complement the overall adorable look.

Much like the front, the rear of the Ur2 also keeps PGO’s signature smile, the leftmost and rightmost parts of which house the signal lights, further accentuating the scooter’s cute and thoughtful design.

With regards to powertrain, the Ur2 contained the same GH1 wheel hub-mounted motor used in the Viva. Retractable foot pegs for passenger use make it easy to park the Ur2.

The Ur2 has enough cargo space for a 3/4 helmet (or a smaller full sized helmet). There’s also a USB plug located next to the battery for charging cellphones or other small electronics.

PGO is also releasing a host of accessories specifically for the Ur2, such as backseat armrests, front-mounted storage hooks, and vehicle covers, supposedly for the dual purposes of added values and personalization options.

▲ The Ur2’s mysterious, Crayon Shin-chan-inspired styling

Regardless, sticker price remains the final piece of the puzzle. Setting the Ur2’s MSRP at $58,980, PGO is offering a $5,000 rebate, if purchased before the Chinese New Year (that is, before February 10, for the rest of us), plus credits for accessories. Taking into account government subsidies for e-scooter purchases, and you’re looking at a minimum of lower than $40,000, which is quite competitive.

Taiwan’s yearly sales of light-duty e-scooters for 2019 reached about 26,000 units. This figure dropped to 20,000 in 2020. In particular, the Gogoro Viva dominated most of these sales. Now that the PGO Ur2 has joined the market, the same demographic targeted by the Viva now has a brand new option available to them. This is perhaps enough to carve out a niche for the Ur2. Besides, although yet to be officially announced, the Ur2 is likely to be part of the GoShare network going forward, thereby creating another opportunity for more people to experience the PGO difference.

 (Image: TechNews)

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