Taya Aims for a Revenue of NT$20 Billion and a Profit of NT$1 Billion in 2021 Amidst the Aggressive Business Expansion

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As the global market sustained the severe impact from the COVID-19 pandemic during 2020, Taya managed to expand its business territory, and produced a combined revenue of NT$18.3 billion, alongside a new high in earnings per share (EPS) at NT$1.45. Looking ahead to the future, Ryan Shen, Chairman of Taya Group, commented that the company’s revenue has been relatively affected by the international copper price, which exceeded US$9,000/ton prior to Chinese New Year, and is expected to surpass NT$20 billion, while the profit is anticipated to march towards NT$1 billion.

Shen commented that the new record high profit and EPS (NT$1.45) of Taya last year symbolizes the fruition of the company after years of transformation from the original expertise in wires and cables to energy transmission, conversion, and management, which comprehensively extends the field of renewable energy. Benefitting from solar energy harvesting and the fixed income from cogeneration shareholding ratio, the solar meter has surged from 0 to 120MW, and the installed capacity can be expected to arrive at 240MW at the end of next year with the acquisition of Sin Jhong Solar Power this year. In addition, Taya is also remarkable in venture capital, where excellent results can be seen from IC design house WinWay and Bora Pharmaceuticals in the emerging stock market.  

Shen commented that these challenges are also relatively crucial for an old business in creating new lives. Taya has targeted at the global trends of renewable energy and electric vehicles, and provides various solutions ranging from energy production, transmission, storage, to conversion. Among which, the enamel insulated wire businesses of Taya ranked first in market shares during 2020, for which the company aims to achieve the 30% target this year, and accounts for 80% of electric vehicles in Taiwan. Taya has also started working with electric buses and cars, and expects to see a growth in orders between the second and third quarter this year.

In terms of green energy, Hengs Technology, a subsidiary of Taya Group that is responsible for joint venture and the establishment & maintenance of solar plants, has also won the TPC tender of 2MW AFC FM auxiliary services, with testing expected to start in April, followed by an initiation of service in June. Taya currently has 4 subsidiaries, including Sin Jhong Solar Power, Touch Solar Power, Bravo Solar Power, and Bosi Solar Energy, and a total of 53 solar plants that combine to a total capacity of over 120MW, which the company aims to grow by another 50MW and arrives at 250MW in 2025, as well as contribute to an annual power generation revenue of NT$1.5 billion.

Similar to the completed acquisition on Chi Kuang Energy of Tatung Company in March, Taya will be investing NT$6 billion on establishing the 120MW fishery electricity project, and focusing on the particular power generation method in the future. Chou Hsiao-yan, Assistant Manager and Spokesperson for the Department of Investment and Development at Hengs Technology, commented that the Council of Agriculture has released more than 4,700 hectares of fishery electricity park areas, and the company is advantageous in being a local supplier that is already equipped with the development experience in fishery electricity, whereas the acquisition on Chi Kuang starting from the second quarter this year will also attract partners that are still on the fence.

Ta Heng Electric Wire and Cable, a subsidiary of Taya, is also gradually seeing results in solar cables from the insignificant level of performance during the low level of solar rooftop adoption in the past, to the active planning in capacity expansion and elevation in product specifications. Cheng Chung-kwang, Spokesperson of Taya group, pointed out that the solar cable has obtained the qualification of third-party inspection centers in Vietnam, and will be actuating the arrangement of solar cables in Vietnam. The solar cables are also certified by TUV Rheinland and UL, and the 400mm² cable is expected to pass the certification of TUV Rheinland in June.

 (Cover photo source: TechNews)

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