Gogoro Works with Chinese Motorcycle Brands Yadea and DCJ on Entering the Chinese Market This Year

published: 2021-06-07 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Gogoro announced recently its official entry into China, which is also the second largest two-wheeled vehicle market in the world, by working with DCJ and Yadea, the two largest motorcycle brands in China. The participants will work together on developing battery-powered motorcycles and establishing an energy network for battery swapping stations. 

Gogoro is once again expanding its territory in the overseas markets. After the partnership with India, the company announced the latest partnership with DCJ, the largest motorcycle manufacturer in China, as well as Yadea, the largest electric motorcycle manufacturer in the world, on developing electric scooters based on the Gogoro battery architecture, as well as establishing an energy network. 

“Gogoro’s partnership with Yadea and DCJ in China, which builds upon their existing work with Hero MotoCorp in India, sends a clear signal that the world’s two-wheel leaders are helping to fuel the sustainability revolution in Asia with smart battery swapping,” commented Al Gore, former US Vice President and co-founder of Generation Investment Management (investor of Gogoro), who also expressed that the most populated cities in Asia have started establishing a cleaner urban transportation system for the billions of motorcycle users using the Gogoro battery swapping mechanism or similar innovative electricity replenishment solutions. 

DCJ and Yadea, partners of Gogoro for the partnership this time, will be developing a series of vehicles based on the Gogoro battery swapping technology, and become the latest working partners of the Powered By Gogoro Network® solution, which offers the rights for the partners to utilize the smart powertrain, controllers, components, and smart systems of Gogoro, as well as integrates the respective technologies, and develops smart electric vehicles. 

As the largest motorcycle manufacturer in China, DCJ has been selling more than 2 million units of fuel motorcycles each year for 18 consecutive years, whereas Yadea, the global leader in two-wheeled vehicles, sold more than 10 million units of electric scooters in 2020 alone. 

To prepare for this partnership, Yadea and DCJ have established a joint venture, which is responsible for the construction and management of the energy network for the battery swapping stations. Gogoro will not hold any shares of this company. 

Gogoro is more like a technology exporter instead of a venturer by providing the relevant technology authorization on batteries and battery swapping stations. The collaboration for the three parties is expected to initiate the first phase of battery swapping stations within 2021, before gradually expanding to additional cities in 2022. 

(Cover photos source: provided by Gogoro) 

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