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Tesla Taiwan’s Online Store Provides a Host of Services, Including Car Viewing, Aftersales Service, and Apparel Purchases

published: 2021-06-15 11:46

As the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies in Taiwan, Tesla’s Taiwan branch also released its official online store on June 2 in response, so that customers can make purchases from the safety of their homes.

As previously mentioned, Tesla Taiwan released its official online store on June 2, which allows car owners to purchase automotive parts and accessories from the comfort of their own homes while enjoying convenient free shipping services. In the future, the store will continue expanding its product ranges on offer with the newest and most diverse products. The online store is part of Tesla’s already-implemented pandemic-fighting measures, including online consultation, at-home test drives, online car shopping, contactless delivery, and remote car diagnostics. All of these services make it possible for car owners to experience the full suite of Tesla’s latest technologies and comprehensive services, all the while maintaining minimal physical contact.

Customers are able to purchase Tesla models thorough a plethora of ways: accessing Tesla Chat on Tesla’s official website, where they can have a direct one-on-one chat with a salesperson; ordering in-stock Model 3s online; or placing custom orders for their own ideal cars. Moreover, Tesla also provides on-site or at-home test drive services for prospective buyers to safely enjoy the exclusive Tesla driving experience. Once a purchase is finalized, owners-to-be can go through a “contactless transaction” procedure to officially become a part of Tesla’s accelerated effort at sustainable global energies.

▲ Tesla provides several virtual backgrounds for teleconferencing use, available for download by fans.

Not only have Tesla’s innovative automotive design and remote diagnostic services significantly lowered the number of car owners’ factory visits, but its new online store has also made it easier for car owners to purchase Tesla accessories, all of which are eligible for free shipping. As of now, Tesla owners are able to purchase the latest third-generation Wall Connector, automotive accessories for all models, and exclusive Tesla apparels, which are now available in Taiwan for the first time, through Tesla’s online store, making it easy for car owners to be fully decked out in Tesla’s exclusive avant-garde style top-to-bottom, inside-out.

In addition to stepping up the disinfection efforts at its sales and service centers, Tesla is also hoping to protect the health and safety of its employees, car owners, and customers through a comprehensive anti-pandemic measure. Furthermore, Tesla also recently released a virtual background for teleconferencing use. Those interested are encouraged to visit Tesla Taiwan’s official Line account and enter “防疫永續新生活” (copy and paste if you do not have access to Chinese language input). Once connected, customers are then able to download a teleconference background with a theme of sustainable living, which is sure to become a topic of conversation during teleconferences.

(Image: Tesla)

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