Foxconn MIH Consortium Officially Established; Young Liu Lays Down Three Guarantees to Actuate EV Innovation

published: 2021-06-29 9:30 | editor: | category: News

The Foxconn MIH Alliance hosted the “MIH Consortium Online Inaugural Meeting” on the 25th of June. It not only announced its official name for the first time, but also elaborated on its organizational framework, operating model, and development vision. MIH Consortium aims to establish an open EV ecosystem that facilitates full cooperation within the industry, which provides opportunities in accelerated innovation and commercial expansion for the entire industry. Simultaneously, Foxconn Chairman Young Liu also promised that MIH will be an open and neutral platform that is independent from Foxconn.

During his oration, Liu commented that Foxconn had launched the MIH open platform on October 16th last year, and has gathered more than 1,600 members within merely 6 months. The birth of MIH came from the industrial tendency of “modularization and standardization;” its goal is to reduce repeated investments as well as minimize the development duration and costs for the EV industry through a transnational platform. MIH wishes to expedite the development cycle of EVs from 4 years to 2 years, and lower 1/3 or 1/2 of the cost even, in order to achieve a faster penetration of EV products into the market that will generate cost competitiveness as well as product innovation.

In addition, to propel an open and neutral B2B platform, Liu also made three promises, which are 1) the establishment of a board of directors that is more diversified and transparent within 6 months, 2) the open and neutral MIH platform that is independent from Foxconn, and 3) full utilization of MIH design and standards, as well as a selection of optimized MIH components and solutions.

Apart from assisting with the realization of the above three promises, the CEO of the MIH Alliance and the affiliated office will also invite the alliance members to form two expert committees that include a technical committee and an advisory committee, and form various task forces according to the individual needs of the members, as well as supervise daily operation and facilitate member participation. For the next several months, the MIH Consortium will successively provide additional information on the benefits & rights and services regarding the alliance and its members, in order to support its members in understanding the development vision for the future and creating opportunities for business export.

William Wei, the Chief Technology Officer of MIH, believes that open source is able to stimulate innovation of software and hardware platforms, as well as reduce the duration of development, and provide a foundation for the vigorous market. MIH strives to establish an open ecosystem that will subvert the development model of EVs and allow all members to be successful upon participation.

 (Cover photo source: Foxconn)

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