Tesla Introduces CCS2 and Completes Dual Specifications By the End of July

published: 2021-08-04 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Tesla will begin introducing electric vehicles adopted with the CCS2 charging interface starting in the third quarter in order to respond to the development of EV infrastructures in Taiwan in accordance with the standard specification of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Tesla aims to complete the deployment of Superchargers that contain “duo specifications” in Taiwan by the end of July. (Source: Tesla)

The existing models of Tesla are adopted with the Tesla Proprietary Connector (TPC), and the company will be introducing additional models with the CCS2 charging specification in order to attract more potential owners.

With the introduction of models with the new specification, Tesla will upgrade all existing Superchargers in Taiwan to a duo specification by the end of July in order to charge up models adopted with the Tesla-exclusive configuration and the CCS2 specification, allowing current and future owners to both enjoy the Supercharger service. In addition, Tesla will also be adding new chargers that are compatible with CCS2 at charging hotspots, such as department stores, shopping malls, hotels, and recreation areas, during the third quarter.

Tesla will also release the third generation Wall Connector configured with CCS2, allowing owners to charge their vehicles at home. (Source: Tesla)

CCS2 is a universal charging specification that integrates AC and the faster DC into one single charging interface, and is relatively popular in Hong Kong, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. The interface can be adopted on personal-use and commercial vehicles, which conforms to the various charging needs from diversified EV product lines in the future. By bringing CCS2 electric vehicles to the Taiwanese EV market, Tesla will acquire a more comprehensive charging environment.

Tesla will also release the third generation Wall Connector adopted with CCS2 alongside the planning and installation from certified charging supplier to provide comprehensive warranty and services for new owners.

Having operated charging infrastructures for a long time in Taiwan, Tesla currently has 29 Superchargers in the country, and plans to configure “duo specification” in the Superchargers that will be available this year, so as to satisfy the charging needs of current and future owners.

 (Cover photo source: Tesla)

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