Sri Lanka Plans to Increase Solar Power Capacity by Another 4.8GW and Wind Power Capacity by Another 3.5GW

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As the Sri Lanka government officially adopted the policy to meet 70 percent of the country’s electricity generation from renewable energy sources by 2030, the Cabinet nod has been given to call for proposals of Expression of Interests (EOIs) for solar and wind power projects from interested local and foreign investors, and preference will be given to those more than 50MW projects.

As hydropower development in the country has already reached a critical level, the Government Information Department underscored that more attention needs to be given to solar and wind power generation.

Tthe government plans to increase the existing solar power capacity of 485 MW by another 4800 MW and existing wind power capacity of 248MW by another 3500 MW.

Lands available for Biomass/ Solar Power Development

Potential lands for solar power development

Potential for Floating Solar Power Development

Potentials for floating solar power development is identified in natural water bodies as well as thereservoirs of large-hydro power plants. When a conservative 5% of the surface areas of natural waterbodies with surface areas 10 km2 or above are taken, there will be an estimated potential around1,500 MW. When 10% of the surface areas of reservoirs is considered, the estimated potential fromreservoirs is 900 MW.  

(1)Natural water-body based floating solar power potential

(2)Reservoir-based floating solar power potential

Energy Park Project Development Time Line

(1)On-going Energy Park Projects

(2)Planned Energy Park Projects 

The Projects expected to be made ‘Ready for Tendering’ within the planning horizon (end 2026) areincluded here, and the details are as follows.


Source:Dailymirror and Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority

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