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Hai Tian Offshore Engineering Invests in Large CLVs for Wind Farms After 2024

published: 2021-09-30 9:30

To respond to the localized development strategy for offshore wind farm implemented by the government, local maritime engineering company Hai Tian Offshore Engineering will be investing in the construction of the first extensive cable laying vessel (CLV) in Taiwan, which is expected to be fully prepared in 2023 for the engagement of cable laying for offshore wind farms starting from 2024.

Taiwan has been actively prompting localization for the supply chain of offshore wind power. Apart from the manufacturing and supply of components for wind turbines, maritime engineering is also the most essential factor in the development and prolonged operation of offshore wind power. In terms of total market value, maritime engineering, which consists of transportation, installation, as well as transportation and installation, costs about 30% of the total establishment cost excluding the purchases of wind turbines. Pertaining to the schedule of grid connection for wind farms, the progress and completion of the maritime engineering according to the schedule is also a critical factor in whether a wind farm is able to operate smoothly and achieve energy transformation.

Tseng Kuo-cheng, former General Manager of CSBC and current Chairman of CDWE, serves as the Chairman of Hai Tian Offshore Engineering, who commented that he is happy to see the government’s emphasis in establishing energy for local maritime engineering, which is extremely important for Taiwan in terms of the development for renewable energy, expansion in marine economy, and the enhancement in ocean power. Hai Tian Offshore Engineering’s investment in advanced large CLVs aims to construct autonomous energy in installation, which is the core of maritime engineering as it preserves vessels, talents, and technology in Taiwan to cultivate, sprout, and dedicate to the country, before further expanding to Asia Pacific and the international market.

The large CLVs that are expected to be invested by Hai Tian Offshore Engineering are advanced vessels that can most adopt the operational requirements of wind farms located in Taiwan and Asia Pacific. Equipped with a large load weight, a turn table with an enormous capacity, strong dynamic positioning, storm resistance, advanced underwater remote control carrier, and automated machinery for underwater operations, the CLV is not only able to complete the paving of inter array cables and export cables within the offshore wind farm in a highly efficient and reliable manner, but also execute the paving of communication cables, as well as repair power cables and communication cables, which marks a critical milestone in the development of renewable energy and maritime engineering for Taiwan.

After CDWE’s investment in large floating crane Green Jade, the company is once again working with another local business by signing with CSBC on the construction of the latest generation full-swing floating crane Green Jade for the foundation of offshore wind power and installations of wind turbines. The crane costs NT$7.5 billion, and is scheduled to commence construction at the end of this year, with delivery set for 2022, and initiation of underwater foundation transportation and installation expected for spring 2023. The floating crane will provide assistance for the construction of the Zhongnen Wind Farm and the Hai Long Wind Farm.

 (Cover photo source: Hai Tian Offshore Engineering)

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