Ingrasys Technology Releases “Liquid Cooling Solution” amid Urgent Demand for Energy Conservation among Data Centers

published: 2022-06-06 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Ingrasys Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Foxconn Industrial Internet (FII), had participated in Computex 2022, where the company presented its in-house liquid cooling solution for data centers, which helps lowering the operating cost and power usage effectiveness (PUE) of data centers for businesses that would facilitate the establishment of a green ecosystem.

The power consumption of server processors has been constantly elevating amidst the surging utilization of high-performance computing and AI applications. To tackle the issue of heat dissipation for servers, Ingrasys Technology has launched a series of “advanced liquid cooling cabinet”, where each individual cabinet has different cooling mechanism and capability, allowing clients to select energy-conserving products that are optimal for their data center deployment according to environments and requirements.

Ingrasys Technology revealed three advanced liquid cooling cabinets this time, which are the LA0452 that is compatible with liquid and air cooling, with a heat dissipation capacity of 45kW per unit, and can be deployed directly without any changes to existing facilities, as well as LL1000 and LL1001 that adopt liquid cooling as the main dissipation mechanism at a capacity of 100kW per unit.

Clients who have established hot/cold aisles can go for LL1000, otherwise LL1001 is the more applicable model, where all thermal energy is carried away from the waterway that would lower the establishment cost of fans and hot/cold aisles. Ingrasys Technology is highly capable of integration, and offers one-stop cabinet system services by constructing optimal solutions for its clients from design, to verification, and then production.

Ingrasys Technology’s advanced liquid cooling cabinets are easy to maintain, and can be easily installed and uninstalled, where the symmetrical connector makes it easy for servers to connect to the diverted manifolds, and cabinet equipment such as pumps and power suppliers can also be configured to hot plugging in order to elevate system reliability and ensure unimpeded operation. Ingrasys Technology will continue to refine its energy-conserving technology, and march towards a sustainable future with net zero emission.

 (Cover photo source: Ingrasys Technology)

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