Linyang Signs Agreements to Develop DG PV and Energy Storage Projects in Shandong, Hebei, and Yunnan

published: 2021-10-04 17:39 | editor: | category: News

Jiangsu Linyang Energy, a Chinese manufacturer for electric power equipment and electricity meters, announced on September 28 that it and its wholly owned subsidiaries have signed cooperation agreements with the management committee of the Weifang Hi-Tech Zone, the municipal government of Pingquan, the government of Yilang County, and Yunnan Power Grid to promote the development new energy projects. Specifically, Linyang will be working with the local governments to deploy DG PV systems on a county-wide level. The company will also carry out demonstration projects that support carbon-neutral communities. The cooperation agreements will see the total deployment of 670MW of DG PV generation capacity and 100MW/200MWh of energy storage capacity.

In the Weifang Hi-Tech Zone (Shandong Province), Linyang will build a 100MW/200MWh energy storage plant and a 200MW DG PV power plant. In Pingquan (Hebei Province), Linyang will build a 270MW DG PV power plant. Finally, in Yilang County (Yunnan Province), Linyang will build a 200MW DG PV power plant. For all the projects, the company will be in charge of their development, financing, construction, and operation. Once completed, the projects are expected to make significant contributions to the green development of the respective localities.

Besides the signings of the cooperative agreements on new energy projects, Linyang has also recently entered a comprehensive cooperation agreement with China Huaneng Group. Under this deal, Linyang will acquire PV generation assets from Huaneng, and both parties will jointly develop new PV and energy storage projects. With high-caliber industry partners, Linyang hopes to introduce innovations to its business model and expand its presence in the field of “new energy plus energy storage”. According to the publicly available information, Linyang currently has 6GW of PV projects and 1.2GW of PV-plus-storage projects under planning or development.

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