Yinglite Plans to Invest Around RMB 83 Million to Set Up DG PV Generation at Its Operations

published: 2021-11-12 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Chinese financial news websites have reported that Ningxia Yinglite Chemicals will invest RMB 82.7186 million to set up DG PV generation at its offices and factories. The plan to “construct the first batch of distributed PV projects” was approved by the company’s board of directors on October 25 and subsequently announced to the public.

In the notice about the plan, Yinglite said that the first batch of DG PV projects will be purposed for self-consumption. The funding for them will be raised by the company on its own. The course of the development will be divided into three phases, with 5.98MWp installed for each phase. The company will successively invest RMB 28.5092 million, 26.7995 million, and 27.4099 million for the respective three phases.

According to the reporting by Chinese news outlets, Yinglite has designated the facilities of several subsidiaries as the sites for the first batch of DG PV projects. These subsidiaries include the calcium carbine manufacturing unit, the equipment inspection unit, the resin unit, and the thermoelectric technology unit. Rooftops and surrounding open spaces of the company’s office buildings and factories will be allotted for system installations, with the total deployment area coming to around 250 mu. The PV projects will feed power directly to the substations or switching rooms that serve the company’s facilities. Yinglite estimates that the projects will take around three months to complete and remain in operation for 25 years.

Setting up DG PV projects is in line with Yinglite’s principle of sustainable development. Once completed, Yinglite will be producing and consuming an average of 25-26GWh of clean electricity per year. By making full use of the available renewable energy resource, the company will also be able to substantially cut down its coal usage and CO2 emissions. Additionally, the adoption of DG PV will allow the company to save on fuels and other resources such as freshwater. This, in turn, leads to cost savings as well as positive effects on air quality and the wider environment.

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