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Tesla Unveils Kid-Friendly Electric ATV, Which Sold Out Right Away

published: 2021-12-07 9:30

Tesla quietly launched an electric four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle, the Cyberquad for Kids, on its website for $1,900; the kid-friendly ATV was, unsurprisingly, sold out within half a day.

As Tesla fans worldwide can only get a whistle (i.e., the “Cyberwhistle”) instead of the long-awaited Cybertruck and Cyberquad ATV, they are far from satisfied. On December 3, the EV maker abruptly unveiled a child-sized version of Cyberquad with an attempt to make it the top Christmas gift.

Belonging to the ATV series with a similar appearance to the adult’s version, the Cyberquad for Kids is only available on Tesla’s online shop in the US. The official website suggests that the kid-version ATV is suitable for children aged 8 years or more with a maximum weight capacity of 150 pounds (approx. 68 kg).

▲ The Cyberquad for Kids measures 120 cm in length.

The small ATV weighs 50 kg in total and provides two “gears”, with maximum speeds of the first and second gears being 8 kph and 16 kph, respectively; of course, the vehicle can also go in reverse. The ATV comes with a removable battery of unknown capacity. Even so—as Tesla specified—it can go up to 24 km on a full charge, which is enough make parents’ legs feel like jelly.

By launching the Cyberquad for Kids at this time with a note saying the product will be shipped in 2–4 weeks, it is obvious that Tesla is targeting at the Christmas shopping season. However, the company has stressed that they can not guarantee that the ATV will arrive by Christmas Day due to shipping uncertainties during holidays in the US.     

As a Christmas gift, the Cyberquad for Kids is definitely something that a kid can brag about to their friends, but there are three potential risks that parents should pay attention to. First, despite the “for Kids” label, the ATV has perfectly borrowed cues from the Cybertruck with a full steel structure plus an impact force of 16 kph at maximum speed. Such a toy car thus involves a certain level of risk and requires driver’s full attention.

Secondly, there is a label saying “Never charge the battery longer than 18 hours” on the attached battery. Even though the company does not specify what will happen when the battery is overcharged, we all know that a fire is likely due to overheating.

▲ The Cyberquad for Kid assembly instructions

Finally, the ride-on toy will arrive flat-packed, so users will have to assemble it by putting together the handlebars, wheels, shock absorber and front-end bra. The job should not be too hard, but a vehicle with poor assembly could fall apart on the road.    

Despite the toy-like look, each Cyberquad for Kid is priced at $1,900 with a one-year warranty. If things are going well, we should see kids riding on the quad bike across residential areas by Christmas next year.

 (Image credit: Tesla)

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