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Yu Chang Power Solar Plant Obtained Syndicated Loan of NT$2.1 billion to Generate 58 Million kWh of Power Each Year in the Future

published: 2021-12-08 9:30

Yu Chang Power Solar PV Plant (hereinafter referred to as Yu Chang Power) officially signed a syndicated loan contract for project financing at NT$2.1 billion with KGI Bank, Esun Bank, and Taipei Fubon Bank on November 29th, and is expected to generate 58 million kWh of power each year in the future that will attain a carbon reduction level equivalent to the size of the Daan Forest Park.

Situated in Yunlin, Yu Chang Power is the first PV plant of GreenPeak Renewables, and is exclusively developed by Smart Green Energy. The PV plant is expected to supply power for more than 14K households each year upon commercial operation, which accounts for 7% of civil power demand in Yunlin, and fulfils more than 60% of the annual power demand for Taisi, Sihu, and Kouhu. The particular implementation will accelerate carbon neutrality through output of green electricity.

In addition, this syndicated loan has introduced new participants for green energy and ecological conservation of Taiwan. KGI Bank, Esun Bank, and Taipei Fubon Bank not only respond to the government’s target of zero carbon emission by 2050, but also provide full support for the green financing solution of the Financial Supervisory Commissions, and are regarded as paradigm in realizing sustainable development. GreenPeak Renewables, through Yu Chang Power and other projects, is dedicated to supporting the Taiwanese government’s target in achieving 20% renewable energy by 2025.

Yu Chang Power emphasizes that the company will continue to branch out to rural areas and actuate the idea of green energy and eco-friendliness among kindergartens. Having now obtained the recognition and support from the syndicated loan, Yu Chang Power will be participating in a green circulation economy with the relevant banks by portraying essential characters in safeguarding the unreplaceable green resources of Taiwan, and providing a better living environment, as well as a better lifestyle that comprises of energy conservation and carbon reduction, for the next generation.

 (Cover photo source: pixabay)

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