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Meyer Burger Picks Arizona for Its First Module Factory in North America

published: 2022-01-12 9:30

Swiss solar enterprise Meyer Burger announced on December 27 that it will build a factory for the production of high-performance PV modules in Goodyear, a city in the state of Arizona in the US. Through its press release on the proposed factory, Meyer Burger stated that it needs a local production site in order to meet the growing demand from customers in North America. Once the factory is up and running, it will provide quicker and more direct access to module supply. Additionally, it will help reduce the dependence on foreign imports.

Earlier in September 2021, Meyer Burger announced that it will be setting up its first manufacturing base outside of Europe in the US. The “desire to support the US clean energy transition” is behind this decision. As for choosing Arizona for the module factory, there are three driving factors. First, the state offers a workforce that is talented and diverse, so the company will be able to draw from this resource in order to meet its operational needs. The second factor is proximity to potential clients. Module buyers in North America will be able to get Meyer Burger’s modules more easily while not incurring more costs and carbon footprints related to transportation of products. Lastly, the municipal government of Goodyear, the state government, and the Greater Phoenix Economic Council are committed to build a strong relationship with the company.

Meyer Burger said that the factory is expected to enter operation by the end of this year. Its annual production capacity will be 400MW initially but can be expanded to 1.5GW. At 400MW, the factory will employ around 250 people. At 1.5GW, the factory will be able to employ more than 500 people. Products from the factory include modules for rooftop PV systems, commercial PV systems, and utility-scale PV systems. As a demonstration of its commitment, Meyer Burger has entered into a lease as the first tenant of a newly built office building in Goodyear at market conditions.

Gunter Erfurt, CEO of Meyer Burger, said that his company is excited to set up shop in Arizona and expand its presence in the US. Meyer Burger is grateful for the support of local partners in Arizona during the development of this project. Erfurt added that solar PV is essential for the US and many other countries in meeting climate and clean energy targets. Moreover, Meyer Burger’s patented technologies including HJT cells and SmartWire modules create highly competitive products that deliver the best quality and performance.

Both the state government and the Greater Phoenix Economic Council also expressed warm welcome to Meyer Burger. The decision to pick Goodyear for the module factory has bolstered the state’s reputation as a leader in renewable energy as well as having a very business-friendly environment. Commenting on this project, the mayor of Goodyear also emphasized the low cost of doing business in his city.

Meyer Burger has begun hiring people for equipment move-in and initial startup. The company will be recruiting and training more workers through 2022 in order to quickly set up the factory and ramp up production.

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