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Lealea Group Partners with wpd Taiwan to Plan 600MW Offshore Wind Farm

published: 2022-02-16 9:30

The Lealea Group announced today (2/16) that its Taiwan Green Power Company (Taiwan Strait Wind Power Preparatory Office) and wpd Taiwan Energy Company (wpd) will work together to develop and build a Taiwan Strait offshore wind farm (i.e. the No. 28 potential site) to actively participate in the second stage backup and the third stage block offshore wind farm development.

At present, four directorships are planned, with Lealea Group occupying three seats and wpd occupying one seat. The Taiwan Strait offshore wind farm led by the Lealea Group is located off the coast of Changhua, with a total installation capacity of approximately 600MW. With the expectations of villagers in Changhua, the Lealea Group continues to strive for the development of the third stage of Taiwan's offshore wind power policy and, at the same time, does not give up any opportunity to obtain capacity in advance.

At present, the second stage of the backup operation has been advanced to its final review phase. In order to achieve the stated goal of the national energy policy and be completed and connected to the grid in 2025, the Lealea Group looks forward to obtaining approval from the review committee as soon as possible. The Lealea Group is also expected to be the next exemplar of large-scale local developers who have successfully participating in the development and construction of offshore wind farms after Taipower, China Steel, and Swancor. The significance of this is self-evident. The investment of local developers signify that technical talent and other aspects of industrial resources are truly rooted in Taiwan and plays a complementary role to localization goals advocated by the government.  

One of the keys to the construction and development of offshore wind power is properly handling the issue of offshore fisheries and obtaining support from local fishing associations. The Lealea Group has been located in Changhua for nearly 50 years and has a deep and good relationship with the local area. This time, it is working hand in hand with wpd which has 20 years of experience in the development and construction of international and local offshore wind farms. The Lealea Group is confident in the policy target of completing the grid connection in 2025 as required by the second stage of potential site availability.

The green energy business group of the Lealea Group is led by Teamphon Energy with members including Taiwan Green Power, Lineng Energy Technology and Taiwan Strait Wind Power Company. The green energy business led by Teamphon Energy includes solar photovoltaic, wind power, and geothermal power generation. Photovoltaic generation located in Kaohsiung, Linbian, and Changhua have all achieved results, while wind power projects in Penghu, Taichung and Yunlin have also performed well.  The Lealea Group's deployment of green energy is not only for the sustainable development of the earth but also assists the government in promoting Taiwan's energy transformation. Green energy and offshore wind power go hand in hand to allow Taiwan to become a real net zero carbon emission country.

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