Strong Demand for Anli Servers and NEVs! Driving July and Seven Month Revenue to Record YoY Highs

published: 2022-08-09 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Anli-KY, a cooling module factory, announced today that its consolidated revenue in July was NT$215 million, up about 20% YoY. Accumulated combined revenue in the first seven months of the year was NT$1.3 billion, up 7.7% YoY, mainly due to strong demand for servers and new energy vehicles, which drove revenue in July and the first seven months of the year to a record high for the same period in the previous year.

Anli-KY said that cumulative revenue from cooling parts for servers and home game consoles in the first seven months of the year was NT$260 million, accounting for about 20% of overall revenue. Shipments reached 45.51 million units, a quarterly increase of 3.3% and an annual increase of more than 10%. Shipments in third quarter is expected to increase by more than 5% QoQ, up to 48 million units, an annual increase of 7%.

Kung Ming Te, an analyst at DIGITIMES Research, pointed out that in the third quarter, in addition to orders and shipments deferred due to lockdowns and material mismatches in the previous quarter, the demand side is also benefited from the continuous expansion of data center infrastructure by North American cloud industry players and driven by enterprise customers in response to digital transformation, which are expected to inject momentum into global server shipments.

Anli-KY pointed out that the cumulative vehicle revenue from key parts of new energy vehicles in the first seven months was about NT$27 million, accounting for about 2% of the overall revenue. With regard to the exit policy of fuel vehicles, both traditional carmakers and new car factories are actively developing electric vehicle products and it is expected that the application of new energy vehicles will become one of the main revenue contributions to Anli-KY in the future.

Anli-KY emphasized that now is the peak season for electronic products, but there is a lot of gossip in the market and institutional investors feel that the business boom is clearer in new energy vehicles and servers at present, which are as for two industries with strong demand. Observing Anli-KY’s revenue mix can prove this argument and the market outlook is something to look forward to.

(Image: Anli-KY)

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