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ITRI Cultivates Cross-Domain Talents amidst Thriving Prospect in Auxiliary Services and Energy Storage

published: 2022-08-10 9:30

Businesses are in urgent need of new talents as Taiwan introduces emerging commercial opportunities under energy transformation and electricity liberalization. The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) hosted the Scholarship Award Ceremony and Talent Tendency Seminar for the Grid Talent Development Alliance today (10th), and invited heavyweight experts such as professionals from the Formosa 3 project to share new energy trends, development of power talents, and the demand for cross-domain experts within the industry.

Edwin Liu, President of ITRI, commented that the constantly ascending power demand amidst industrial growth, as well as impeded construction of new power plants due to restricted availability of land, are prompting necessity in solidifying power demand. The industry can elevate energy efficiency and participate in demand response in order to lower peak loads, as well as enjoy tariff discounts. In addition, non-conventional virtual power plants can also be utilized for power dispatching, thus achieving the universal values of stable power supply and conformance to net zero emission.

According to the US Department of Labor’s statistics pertaining to the top 10 occupations with the fastest growth in salary between 2019 and 2029, the energy field occupies two spots at first place (offshore wind power) and third place (solar power). Taiwan now has a clear target and route for renewable energy installations, which saw successive stationing of overseas offshore wind power and auxiliary service companies that will stimulate diversified demand for power talents, followed by surging compensation. Aside from entering the IC industry, electrical engineering graduates would also be a good fit for the equally enticing power industry.

The collaboration in power supply is expected to stimulate new industrial opportunities such as various auxiliary services, micro grids, and energy storage establishment, allowing the power industry to gradually become a prospective high-tech segment that offers infinite potential. The representative of Formosa 3’s project team pointed out that Taiwan’s aggressive development in renewable energy has generated significant interests among international developers to invest and establish plants in Taiwan, which resulted in a large increase of related job opportunities, especially with the hot demand for T-shaped cross-domain talents, who not only possess professional knowledge, but are also excellent in foreign languages, project management, and coordination capability.

Businesses, when seizing on commercial opportunities from the power industry, are in urgent need of remarkable talents. The ITRI, in order to cultivate excellent power experts, had formed the “Grid Talent Development Alliance Scholarship” three years ago with the industry, academia, and commercial sector, and awarded more than millions of scholarships to outstanding students, as well as convenes power-related courses that transmit and educate correct power knowledge from three major aspects of on-the-job education, social education, and school education in the hope of propelling Taiwan’s energy transformation from the ground up.

 (Cover photo source: ITRI)

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