Huanyang Offshore Wind Power Surges Towards Block Development, Taiya Renewable Energy Partners with EDF Renewables

published: 2022-08-17 9:30 | editor: | category: News

The third stage vendor of Taiwan's offshore wind power block development is about to be selected. Taiya Renewable Energy announced today (8/17) that the "Huanyang Offshore Wind Power Project" will partner with EDF Renewables.

The Huanyang Offshore Wind Power Project is located in the outer sea off Changhua County. The wind farm covers an area of about 53 square kilometers, the water depth is about 15-45 meters, and the closest distance to the shore is about 8 kilometers. The wind farm was developed using a fixed underwater foundation. It is estimated that annual power generation can reach up to about 1.6 billion kWh, which can supply about 460,000 households with clean and renewable energy for a year.

Taiya hopes to introduce wind farm development experience, technology, and resources from international developers and jointly propose a bidding plan that meets international standards and has market competitiveness.

Taiya Renewable Energy is a local renewable energy development team focusing on site selection and development of offshore wind farms. The company actively respond to the policies of the competent authorities with a solid environmental impact assessment and positive communication with local communities. As a local development team, Taiya Renewable Energy strategically connects and develops the local supply chain and is partnered es with EDF Renewables, an international partner with rich technical experience and resources, to assist Taiwan's energy transformation and achieve sustainable development goals.

Irving Lin, chairman of Taiya Renewavle Energy, said that Taiya Renewable Energy selects the most suitable partner for each divisional project of the offshore wind farm development plan to ensure the project is delivered on time. The company also looks forward to working with more experienced strategic partners to work together for Taiwan's offshore wind power industry and to implement Taiwan's 2050 net-zero carbon emissions goal.

As EDF Renewables comes to Taiwan with its abundant international maritime engineering technology, Taiya Renewable Energy will also take advantage of the close relationship between local developers and local people to help Taiwan add 15 GW of offshore wind power installations in 2035 and looks forward to becoming a reliable long-term partner in Taiwan's renewable energy sector.

Ming-Lung Chang, general manager of EDF Renewables Taiwan, said that he believes that Taiya Renewable Energy would provide the project with key local relationships and in-depth understanding of local industrial capabilities. In addition, EDF Renewables has been developing wind farms around the world for more than ten years. The accumulated experience in construction, maintenance and operation, and the bilateral combination will create a solid and deep industrial connection.

(Image:Taiya Renewable Energy)

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