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Tesla Constructs Largest Virtual Power Plant in Japan at Miyako Island by Having Installed 300 Units of Powerwall

published: 2022-09-08 9:30

Tesla has been heavily engaged in battery energy storage systems and virtual power plants (VPP), and has recently installed Powerwall residential battery units at Miyako Island in the hope of building the largest VPP in Japan.

A VPP converges different types of power generation systems, before incorporating distributed battery energy storage systems to grasp on power distribution, as well as implement effective peak load shaving and power dispatching. Tesla is currently expanding its deployment of battery energy storage systems in the world, and is now underway with its VPP in Japan after California, Texas, and Australia.

Named Miyako Island VPP, the particular project is primarily based on the island’s future installation services of solar power and batteries, and installs solar panels and battery energy storage systems for free. Tesla pointed out that the island now has more than 300 units of Powerwall since 2021.

Tesla pointed out that the VPP design is able to better utilize renewable energy, as well as elevate Miyako Island’s grid elasticity. During times of constrained power supply, Powerwall would first store solar power, and help out with the power supply among residences, which not only benefits residents, but also stabilizes the island’s grid. Powerwall can also avoid power outages during typhoons.

There will be more units of Powerwall at Miyako Island in the future as Tesla is expected to attain 400 units at the end of the year, before surging to 600 units by the end of 2023, and then expanding the installation scale to the entire Okinawa Prefecture during 2024.

 (Cover photo source: Tesla)

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