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Tesla Once Again Broke Delivery Record in Q3 under Lower-than-Expected Growth

published: 2022-10-03 9:30

Tesla announced the global delivery report for Q3, and had once again attained a new record in a single quarter, though the figure was lower than expected. On the other hand, Tesla had arrived at an all-time high in a single quarterly delivery in Taiwan at 2,400 units.

Tesla attained a global delivery of 343,830 units during Q3, which although was a new record in a single quarter, had slightly fell short to the target of 358K units that were projected by analysts.

Tesla commented that global logistics and supply chain started to gradually improve since Q3, though there are still difficulties that prevented from accomplishing the initial target. “As we increase capacity, the new challenge now falls on ensuring sufficient transportation energy to deliver required vehicles to buyers”, pointed out by Tesla. The company also commented that its mass delivery, which only happens at the end of each quarter, has obstructed the purchase experience among buyers.

The severe fluctuations in the monthly delivery of Tesla have always been the target of media hypes, however, such issue has become a pressing problem for Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. “Our new target is to even out the delivery quantity of each month”, commented by Musk, who believes that delivery at the end of each quarter has amplified the company’s logistics cost, and exacerbated the pressure of staffs.

The issues of logistics are substantially reflected from the company’s capacity and delivery. Tesla produced 365K units this quarter, yet only delivered 343K units, where the 20K units that were not delivered promptly is rather rare for a manufacturer like Tesla that is under prolonged short supply.

The rapid global growth of EVs can also be seen from the Taiwanese market. Tesla attained a new delivery record in Taiwan during Q3 at more than 2,400 units of Model 3, and arrived at 1,774 units of listed vehicles, making it the highest selling imported vehicle in a single month. This obviously has something to do with the company’s delivery cycle, since the company merely delivered one single unit during July, before the figure ascended to 667 units in September.

With that being said, Tesla has now accumulated a total of listed vehicles more than that of 2021 under the surge in Q3, and nearly 20K car owners after the launching of Model 3 in 2019, where Superchargers have now ascended to 56 units in accordance with the increase of vehicles.  

The most anticipated even would be the Model Y that was suddenly launched in September. The first batch of the model will arrive in mid-October, and may result in a twofold increase of EV sales in Taiwan, since it has been a two-year wait for many car owners, and that the price tag is much lower than the expectation, with quality reassurance being made from Germany. We shall see the sales performance next quarter.

 (Cover photo source: Tesla)

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