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Foxconn Model C Debuts in Production Variation with Further Improvement in Design and Performance

published: 2022-10-11 9:30

Foxconn’s HHTD22 will convene on October 18th. After the successive release of trailers for Model V and Model B, Foxconn has announced the latest trailer for the production variation of Model C today, and more details will be revealed on the date of HHTD22.

Foxconn’s official Facebook page announced the latest 30-second trailer for the production variation of Model C today, and mentioned that the model is a classic that everyone should not miss out on. As the first electric SUV manufactured under the open EV platform, the production variation of Model C has been further refined in design and performance after its prototype last year, where elegance is met with remarkable performance and driving range.

Model C is available for preorder starting from September 1st, and is now named as LUXGEN n⁷. n⁷ represents next generation, and a seven-seat configuration, with spacious interior and a sizable storage space. Buyers are only required to pay for a deposit of NT$1,000 in order to enjoy priority delivery and configurations. Delivery is expected to start as early as the second half of 2023.

Foxconn has now released the trailers for the electric pickup Model V, Model B and the production version of Model C, meaning that these three EVs will be the focus of HHTD22. Details on the respective specifications and price tag are expected to be unveiled at the event.

 (Cover photo source: Foxconn)

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