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Australia Faces Talent Shortages in Hydrogen on the Prolonged Path of 2050 Net-Zero Emission

published: 2022-10-12 9:30

Australia emphasizes the development of hydrogen by having engaged in corresponding studies since 2009 and announcing the National Hydrogen strategy in 2019. Many countries in Europe and Asia plan to import hydrogen from Australia, though an Australian research team has recently pointed out that the country is currently facing talent shortages and gaps.

The Victorian Hydrogen Hub (VH2) of the Swinburne University of Technology pointed out from its research that Australia lacks required skills and cultivation in hydrogen regardless from junior high school to university or from trade to large businesses, including mechanics, drivers, gas-fired and electricity staffs, as well as plumbers and technicians. Cultivation of new talents and elevating skills of current workers have become the priority of Australia.

The transportation of heavy-duty vehicles is one of the essential focuses. VH2 has organized jobs that would be affected by Australia’s hydrogen roadmap and skills required for the emerging hydrogen industry after joining hands with the representatives of more than 37 industries. The report, after analyzing occupations related to hydrogen that were published online between October 2021 and April 2022, discovered that most required an abundance of experience, and the country is under severe shortages of capability and cultivation in hydrogen.

Karen Hapgood commented, “We must convey these essential technology in order to march towards an innovative and sustainable future through hydrogen.”

The research team believes that elementary schools and junior high schools should incorporate hydrogen in order to prepare for the constantly growing hydrogen economy, while higher education should also include relevant topics, as well as partner up with industrial groups and hydrogen centers to unfold the train the trainer program and provide certificates. The team recommended the establishment of hydrogen skill centers for further studies on knowledge and capabilities related to the particular energy.

Kerrin Pryor, project manager of hydrogen roadmap, commented that she is delighted to announce the results after nearly 12 months of consultation, surveys, and studies. Pryor further stated that re-cultivation of workers’ safety and high efficiency of hydrogen, especially with the recruitment of hydrogen trainers, are essential to attaining the target of carbon reduction through hydrogen. 

With that being said, all industries, including hydrogen, other renewable energy, and power transmissions, require various professional courses on career orientations and actual operations, in order to be geared to future tendencies and avoid industrial faults.

 (Cover photo source: shutterstock)

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