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Jolywood Provides Update on Its Cell, Polysilicon, and Backsheet Projects

published: 2022-10-27 9:30

Chinese renewable energy news platforms such as Guangfu BJX have reported the latest information disclosed by Jolywood about the company’s three major capacity-building projects. Jolywood is an integrated manufacturer for PV products. The three projects are a smart production plant for the manufacturing of high-efficiency mono-Si cells (16GW per year), a production site for the manufacturing of industrial silicon materials and high-purity polysilicon (200,000 tons per year and 100,000 tons per year respectively), and a production site for the manufacturing of module backsheets (250 million square meters per year for transparent, white, and black backsheets). Details on the latest progress in the development of these projects are as follows:

 [1] Smart cell production plant: This project is being developed in two phases, each comprising a production capacity of 8GW per year. The first phase is currently under construction, and 4GW of production capacity has been set up and entered the pilot production phase. The production lines of the first phase are expected to enter operation in the fourth quarter of 2022 and eventually enter the mass production phase. Jolywood is still raising fund for setting up the remaining 4GW of the first phase, though the related equipment procurement activities have commenced.

 [2] Polysilicon production site: The special vehicle through which this project will be implemented has been established. The production site will be placed in China’s Shanxi Province, and Jolywood has filed the project with the provincial government for a preliminary review. Currently, a third party has been contracted to provide a report on the environmental impact and carbon reduction capacity of the project.

 [3] Backsheet production site: The application for this project has entered the review process and is now at the environmental impact assessment stage.

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