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Extraordinary Strength! Tongwei Terra Shingled Modules Certified by French Carbon Footprint Certification (ECS)

published: 2022-10-28 9:03

Tongwei Terra shingled modules have been awarded the carbon footprint certification (ECS) by French authoritative institution Certisolis, which laid down an essential milestone for the series of products, and contributed to Tongwei’s global strategy before the imminent arrival of carbon tariffs. 

Authoritative Recognition!

The French carbon footprint certification (ECS) is the most authoritative certification awarded by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) for the products involved in 100kW+ PV projects entering the French market. All tender projects on PV modules in the French market must provide an ECS, which refers to carbon footprint certification in short. Take module products as an example, to obtain certification means that the carbon footprint value throughout the entire product life-cycle must meet the requirements of high standards, from raw material manufacturing, process technology, module production, and energy consumption during transportation. Most Chinese module manufacturers were shut out of the French market because of this high threshold, and are thus possessing a lower level of tender competitiveness. 

As the most intuitive new standard for environmental protection, carbon footprint certification may become the next green pass for the global PV market, which will cultivate a profound impact on the development, product manufacturing, and international trades of green energy, etc. The low-carbon products will become the core competitiveness among PV enterprises. In addition, the EU and South Korea are now stipulating carbon footprint requirements on PV products by imposing carbon tariffs. Whoever first attains the target of low carbon will dominate market competition in the long run.

Tongwei’s Terra shingled modules have presented an exceptional green performance, which represents that its advantages of eco-friendliness and high efficiency are fully recognized, and it has been admitted into the French PV market as well. This is self-evident in the industry competition. The highly competitive carbon footprint-certified products will also help Tongwei in fully expanding the French market, and even the entire European market, by serving as essential leverages for the company’s strategic overseas deployment.

Tongwei’s Terra shingled modules include four products: Terra-5K, Terra-5E, Terra-5C, and Terra-S6. These products, after undergoing strict inspections and examinations, not only excel in ultra-low carbon, but are also advantageous in high efficiency, high reliability, high compatibility, and outstanding appearance. The clean, eco-friendly, and highly efficient outstanding appearance will become the leaders of future module products.

Tongwei Penetrates in Module Segment and Accelerates Vertical Integration 

Tongwei, as an industry leader, keeps pace with the market, and exhibits timely courageous and execution in each critical node. The company began deploying in the poly crystalline silicon segment since 2006, which unveiled its marching towards the PV industry, and is now the global champion in poly crystalline silicon at an annual capacity of 230K tons. Tongwei started deploying in the cell manufacturing from 2013, and currently sits at 63GW of capacity (expected to surpass 70GW at the end of 2022), making it a worldwide conqueror in both capacity and shipment of solar cells.

The advancement in modules is undoubtedly yet another harmonic development of Tongwei. In 2013, the company became engaged in the module segment, and started researching and developing “green + intelligent manufacturing” products that cultivated a certain degree of module technology and market as a result, with 15GW of module capacity expected to be seen by the end of 2022. Under the global background of carbon neutrality in 2022, Tongwei catches up to development trends of the industry by magnifying its engagement in the module segment. For example, actively participating in large project tenders and investing in new module bases, which facilitates the company in fully exerting its paramount advantages in poly crystalline silicon and solar cells, and forms a more competitive PV industry structure. 

The target of carbon neutrality is currently catalyzing a global revolution in clean energy development. Only those with leading technology, high quality low-carbon products, as well as better cost control, can seize the market under such complex environment. Tongwei, adhering to its belief of “PV changes the world”, has been at the forefront of the industry, where the company performs remarkably in bringing Chinese intelligent manufacturing to the global stage, and continues to offer superior products for the PV market.

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