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Capitalfund’s Smart EV Fund Approved for Public Offering to Target EV and Electricity

published: 2022-11-09 9:30

Low-carbon homes and environmental sustainability have become global consensuses, and various international auto manufacturers are actively engaged in the R&D and production of EVs, while the global shortage of electricity has prompted an emergence of diversified electricity and smart energy storage. Capitalfund has thus targeted on EV and commercial opportunities in electricity, and announced today that the “Capitalfund Smart EV Fund” has been approved by the Financial Supervisory Commission for public offering that is scheduled to begin on November 24th.

Capitalfund commented that the next century of mobile revolution has begun when drivers around the world can only choose among EVs for their next vehicle purchase as various countries successively announce their schedule in banning fossil-fuel vehicles, and the development of EVs that require electricity indicates that electricity transformation and development in new EV technology have become mainstream trends, where venture capitals have continuously invested in the two aforementioned industries over recent years that points to a prospective outlook.

The “Capitalfund Smart EV Fund” will be issued in three currency, including NTD, USD, and RMB. The fund allows investors to participate in new investment opportunities pertaining to global changes and benefits from transformations for the next 30 years by offering individual investment targets on EV production, energy storage technology, self-driving, and V2X.

Hong Yu-ting, Manager of Capitalfund Smart EV Fund, commented that many renowned manufacturers are engaging in the competition of EV products after the surge of global sales in affordable EVs triggered by major brands in recent years. According to the estimation of the International Energy Agency, global EV sales are likely to attain an all-time high this year, where relevant technology and components, such as ADAS, self-driving, motors, and electrical control, are high in development potential under the continuous increment of penetration rate in EVs.

Hong pointed out that the electricity for EVs is another worthy emphasis of investment as the development in diversified power sources such as solar and wind power that are emerging under energy storage equipment, charging piles and electrification remains in the ascendant. Commercial opportunities stimulated by the two major trends that are EV and electricity are looking at hundred trillion dollars, and investors are advised to focus on active funds on EV and electrification in order to grasp on the golden investment timing in the long term.

 (Cover photo source: Flickr/Robert Borden CC By 2.0)

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