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PV glass: due to the sharp reduction in module production in December, the market demand has weakened

published: 2022-12-07 11:43

On December 5, 2022,PV glass manufacturers successively released new prices for December. The current market price of 2.0mm rolled PV glass is 20.0-21.0 yuan/square meter, and the price of 3.2mm rolled PV glass is 26.0-28.0 yuan/square meter. The quotation of enterprises dropped by 0.5 yuan/square meter compared with the previous month.

According to analysis, the main reasons for the temporary stability of manufacturers' prices in December are as follows:

On the demand side, both domestic and foreign demand for solar modules has declined, and domestic rush installation has basically been completed, and the demand for modules has dropped sharply. According to analysis, the start-up of some module companies fell to 50% in December, and the demand for glass decreased accordingly.

On the cost side, the cost side is affected by the recent fluctuations in soda ash and natural gas prices, and glass companies are under increasing pressure on the cost side.

On the whole, PV glass in December was affected by a sharp reduction in module production schedules and a simultaneous decrease in overseas demand, resulting in weakened demand. For glass companies, the good situation "flashed away". Although the demand for photovoltaic glass has decreased in December, the recent The increase in pressure on the cost side also provides certain confidence to glass companies in stabilizing prices. In addition, after reducing inventory in the first two months, the company's inventory is now maintained at about 13 days. Therefore, the prices of enterprises in December are temporarily stable, and some enterprises may lower prices slightly in order to promote transactions.

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