Sunwoda spends 16.5 billion yuan on the layout of lithium battery materials

published: 2022-12-08 11:53 | category: News

Xinwangda announced that the company signed a "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with the Yichun Municipal People's Government. The company expects a total investment of 16.5 billion yuan to build projects such as lithium salt, lithium battery materials, and lithium battery recycling in Yichun City in phases. Through this strategic cooperation, the two parties will jointly build an industrial chain system from lithium carbonate production, key materials of lithium batteries to recycling of lithium batteries. Production of 50,000 tons of battery-grade lithium carbonate project;

Yichun has the world's largest lepidolite mine. Because of "lithium", it has attracted "powerful" from all parties: including CATL, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, BYD, Mingguan New Materials, Kelu Electronics, etc. Dozens of domestic and foreign leaders The battery industry chain enterprises gather here.

It is reported that Sunwoda is the fourth power battery head enterprise to settle in Yichun after BYD, CATL, and Guoxuan Hi-Tech, and deploy lithium battery materials.

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