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Acura’s First BEV Prototype Revealed; Official Announcement Slated for 2023

published: 2023-01-04 9:30

Acura’s first BEV has revealed its design, and is currently undergoing road tests. Honda stated that this new vehicle will officially release in 2023.

As the high-end brand of Honda, Acura has almost never been the topic of EV-related discussions due to Honda’s relatively slow progress in the corresponding field, which is why the Acura ZDX has received particularly prominent attention among car fanatics.

Acura’s EV will come in two variations, ZDX and ZDX Type S, and both are positioned as medium-sized SUVs that should categorize as the new models of Honda Prologue.

Honda announced in 2021 to be working with GM on developing EVs in the hope of designing new Honda and Acura EVs through the latter’s Ultium platform. The two companies announced a prolonged partnership during April 2022 by announcing a series of co-developed affordable EVs, including the most-anticipated SUV Prologue.

Acura ZDX resembles significantly to Jaguar I-Pace from the side.

Since it is built from the Ultium platform, Acura ZDX would bear similarities in specifications to models previously announced by GM. Judging by the product line, ZDX is likely to be priced at US$50K, and come with 500km of EPA driving range, as well as 21-inch rims and a panoramic roof.

Acura stated that it will adhere to its brand spirit, and prioritize driving orientation as the first design consideration, despite having yet to construct any EVs.                                                                             

Acura is expected to officially ZDX and ZDX Type S next year, though Honda Prologue may have to wait until the end of 2023, or even 2024, before commencing delivery. As for Acura ZDX, the wait might just be a tad longer.

Honda, despite slow progress in BEV, has managed to win over many key partners. Aside from GM, Honda has also signed with CATL, largest battery supplier in the world, for a contract that supplies enough batteries for 1 million units of EVs by 2030. The company is currently actuating its new EV program with Sony, and has the e:N series supporting its Chinese market. Something great may be on the horizon for Honda after 2025.

 (Photo source: Acura)

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