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Volkswagen’s Battery Electric Sedan ID.7 Arrives at 700km in Driving Range

published: 2023-01-05 9:30

Volkswagen has returned to the Consumer Electronics Show after six years, and introduced the latest member to its ID family, the ID.7 electric sedan, with several new and fun functions.

Volkswagen showcased its new product on the first day of CES 2023, the latest flagship electric sedan ID.7 that serves as the upgraded version of ID.3, and is adopted with the MEB chassis by the Volkswagen Group. The highlights of this large sedan lie on the interior, instead of its performance.

ID.7 comes with a standard augmented reality HUD, a 15-inch central display, and a brand new smart air-con system. “The computer would automatically increase or decrease the temperature within the vehicle according to the outside temperature when the owner approaches the vehicle with their keys, allowing a comfortable riding experience as soon as the owner opens the door”, commented Volkswagen.

When yell out “Hello Volkswagen, my hands are freezing”, the vehicle would automatically turn on the heating function at the steering wheel, and blow warm air to the driver’s hands.

Volkswagen ID.7, in order to attract attention at the CES venue, is also adopted with comprehensive digital camouflage, with independent control on colors from 22 regions on the outer shell of the vehicle, and effects of changing lights accompanied with music and tempo, which is a step up from Tesla’s light show.

Volkswagen ID.7’s digital camouflage can alter the vehicle’s color.

With that being said, ID.7 is still somewhat short in innovation. These innovation interior function can almost be found from models of other manufacturers, or achieved through different methods. Digital camouflage, despite being cool, was also seen from BMW’s iX that was presented last year, and the thing is that such design is probably just a gimmick, and would not be adopted on production vehicles.

As the sixth model of the ID family, ID.7 has the longest wheelbase at 2.97m, and the extinctive streamline rooftop can effectively lower wind resistance, while the driving range announced by the company that has arrived at 700km under WLTP standard is the main selling point for this luxury electric sedan.

Volkswagen is expected to officially release ID.7 in 2023 first in China, Europe, and North America, and it remains to be seen whether Taiwan would receive shipment as the company does not seem to be too interested in the latter’s EV market due to uneasy quotas on the one hand, and the reluctance in establishing charging facilities with excessive cost on the other hand. Both ID.3 and ID.4 have yet to be updated with any news, let alone ID.7.

 (Photo source: Volkswagen)

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