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PV & Energy Storage March towards New Development Cycle; Seminar Now Open for Registrations

published: 2023-02-13 17:39

Key Emphases of the Seminar:

  • Trends Interpreted by Industry Leaders: probe into industry hot spots, dissect different trends, and discuss on technical innovations.
  • New Opportunities in Energy Storage: overall development status of new areas in energy storage under the thriving level of prosperity.
  • Market Strategy Plans: how businesses are able to advance in deployment and seize the global market swiftly.

Sustainable clean energy has become the protagonist amidst the carbon-neutrality era, and yielded numerous opportunities for the green energy market. TrendForce estimates new global PV installation demand to exceed 350GW in 2023 under a thriving level of growth. In addition, the accommodation of new energy will also encounter severe ordeals alongside the expeditious development of clean energy, and energy storage is regarded as a decisive factor in determining the ceiling of clean energy development by becoming another bellwether of the energy industry.

PV: Industry Development Now Gradually Attains Transparency and Maturity; “Involution” Accelerates Penetration Rate of New Products

The PV industry, after more than ten years of development, is gradually reaching maturity by having established a comprehensive industry chain, where China’s PV industry has also arrived at a globally-leading level. Judging by the PV industry chain, the entire PV industry is currently under a rapid development, with continuous innovation and iterations in corresponding production and processing technologies, where businesses’ successive deployments in expansions, crossovers, and vertical integrations, have led to an explosive degree of involution. Global PV installation demand, attributable to the guidance of related policies and the driver of market demand, is expected to once again elevate during 2023. Technology iteration is the essence of positive development for the PV realm, where the accelerated iterations of technology from various segments of the industry chain have effectively propelled extensive applications of new products, and became a key instrument for businesses when pursuing cost reduction and efficiency increment. Variables, such as swift market incorporation and verifications on new technologies, will require further individual qualifications from the market.

Energy Storage: US, Europe, and China to Welcome Explosive Period in Demand

The US, Europe, and China continue to portray as the bellwethers in the global energy storage market amidst aggressive growth, and the industry may be on the verge of seeing an explosive growth cycle owing to political guidance and economic improvement. In terms of the total scale, new energy storage installations are estimated to surpass 70GW by 2030, which indicates how the energy storage industry is receiving increasing attention under the tendency of transformation in energy structures. Thanks to political actuation, the US has been experiencing a swift progression in PV and energy storage, and is expected to remain unabatedly high in growth for its energy storage market following the gradual finalization of the tax preferential policy from the Inflation Reduction Act. Energy shortages had resulted in surging energy prices in various European countries throughout 2022, and high electricity tariffs have provided enough economic efficiency for installations of residential PV and energy storage. Europe’s PV and energy storage markets are likely to exceed anticipation in demand.

As for China, various provinces have successively announced their 2023 government reports starting from mid-January that distinctively confirm the emphases of operations for provincial governments during 2023 and the five subsequent years, where the positioning and business model of energy storage among power systems are being steadily established. For overseas markets, regions such as the US and Europe have essentially constituted their mechanisms for marketized development in energy storage markets, and are now ready to tackle mass advancement in respective energy storage industry. The global energy storage market is projected to march towards a flourishing phase in 2023. Looking at the industry chain, the numerous number of players in each segment, together with the deployments of each company in different areas, may generate new changes to the competition structure as the market scale magnifies.

PV and energy storage industries are granted with unprecedented development opportunities amidst the accelerated transformation of energy structures around the world. In order to further probe into the development trends of global PV and energy storage markets, as well as facilitate industry exchanges, EnergyTrend of TrendForce will be hosting the <Development Trends in Global PV and Energy Storage Markets> online seminar at 14:00 on March 16th (Thu) 2023, which invites multiple representatives of PV and energy storage businesses, major industry leaders, and senior analysts to dissect focuses of global PV and energy storage markets, and look ahead to tendencies of the industry’s progress.

This seminar will probe into areas that include the installation projections of global PV and energy storage markets, industry chain prices, and technical development. The invited industry leaders will also compile development trends of PV and energy storage markets in order to offer their advanced and strategic opinions for businesses of each segment of the industry chain. We welcome all of you to participate in this grand event. This online seminar will also provide live captions in English for overseas clients.

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