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Taiwan Establishes Li-ion Battery Industry Association to Consolidate Supply Chain

published: 2023-03-17 16:58

Taiwan’s first Li-ion (lithium-ion) Battery Industry Association was established on March 10, which will assist in consolidating upstream, midstream, and downstream operations and creating a circular economy within the industry. Taiwan has spent years developing its Li-ion battery industry, amassing technical skills, manufacturing expertise, and a complete supply chain.

The Paris Agreement has helped bring carbon neutrality and net carbon emissions to the forefront of global issues, urging nations to ban the sale of fossil fuel vehicles and turn to renewable forms of energy. But whether it be traction batteries, wind energy, or solar energy, they all require storage systems. Li-ion batteries are now the most popular energy storage option, playing a key role as we works towards a low-carbon world

The association intends to promote domestic usage of recycled materials and batteries and encourage relevant industries to take part in the full flow of operations — creating a circular economy within a sustainable industry.

Furthermore, the association hopes to benefit from collaboration among industry, academia, and research institutes and aims to establish a sustainable industrial ecosystem with a focus on recycling resources, take advantage of vertical linkages and horizontal integration, accelerate industry expansion, and raise the industry’s competitiveness. Four directors and three supervisors were chosen during the establishment ceremony, while vice-president of Ming Ren Resources, Chen Yi-Jie, was elected as the association’s inaugural Director-general.

Currently, the association boasts a roster of 30 companies and 100 members, which includes businesses (e.g., Ming Ren Resources, Mechema, Long Time Tech, Lianyou Resources), universities (e.g., NCKU, NTUT, NUTN, Waseda University, USC, University of Melbourne), research institutes (e.g., ITRI), and private individuals.

 (Source: ITRI)

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