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Taiwan’s First Gas-Fired Cogeneration Plant Now under Commercial Operation

published: 2023-03-23 9:30

CHIMEI Corporation announced today that its gas-electric cogeneration plant located in Rende of Tainan has officially initiated commercial operation, making CHIMEI the first manufacturing company in Taiwan to build and operate its own gas-fired cogeneration plant. The plant has an installed capacity of 64MW, with an annual electricity generation of over 500 million kWh, and a steam production of approximately 160 tons/hour. Total carbon reduction from the plant is estimated to arrive at 124K tons, thus achieving 80% of self-sufficiency in power consumption.

CHIMEI commented that the company has been constantly seeking different innovative methods in green production whilst adhering to the green vision of “Clean & Green”, and is dedicated to improving the efficiency and effects of energy consumption by having started planning on the construction of a cogeneration plant since 2018, which has finally begun providing stable electricity required by CHIMEI after more than four years of commitment.

CHIMEI pointed out that this plant adopts natural gas recirculation generators, and replaces traditional coal burning with clean natural gas as the source of fuels, which not only significantly reduces the emission level of greenhouse gas during the power generation process, but also feedbacks the recycled residual heat and generated steam from power generation back to the processes within the plant, thus achieving circular economy and elevating operating efficacy.  

CHIMEI shared that the cogeneration plant will operate for more than 8,000 commercial hours each year, and generate over 5 billion kWh of electricity for an entire year, with about 160 tons of steam generation each hour. The plant, as a result, is estimated to accomplish 124K tons of total carbon reduction, which is equivalent to the annual carbon absorption of 10.33 million trees and 320.4 Daan Forest Park, and a giant step towards CHIMEI’s target in net zero emission.

CHIMEI emphasized that the company is now focused on carbon reduction as the first and foremost target, and will gradually attain energy independence by continuously inspecting its room for carbon reduction. CHIMEI’s cogeneration plant will be mixing 20-40% of hydrogen for its fuels, while actively contribute towards environmental sustainability through energy conservation from processes, deployment in renewable energy, incorporation of biomass raw materials, development of green products, as well as investment and R&D on carbon capture, reusing, and chemical recycling.

 (Cover photo source: CHIMEI Corporation)

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