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Sale of TECO Electric Buses to Triple this Year! Company President Thomas Fann Says Push for Electric Logistics to Begin Again

published: 2023-03-28 9:30

TECO attended the 2023 Smart City Summit & Expo, with this year’s theme being “Digital Transformation & Green Transition”, to propose a number of sustainability solutions at the Net Zero City Expo. These solutions are aimed at creating a more sustainable environment for businesses and smart cities. Thomas Fann, president of TECO, shared TECO’s projections of tripling sales of electric buses and the company’s plan to start launching electric logistics vehicles.

TECO chairman Sophia Chiu stated that in response to rising electricity prices as well as Taiwan’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions, TECO will assist companies in different industries with creating their own customizable smart energy-saving solutions, monitoring energy usage, and establishing a complete and sustainable ESG-ready platform—all to provide the best green energy and carbon reduction solutions for commercial buildings and factories.

Fann expressed that TECO believes green transportation, which includes electric buses and green smart logistics, is necessary for sustainable urban life. TECO is collaborating with RAC Electric Vehicles and Master Transportation as well as being in talks with other customers. The company predicts revenue from electric buses will triple this year and revealed their plans of launching electric logistics vehicles.

Fann also stated that TECO is looking for opportunities to expand into commercial vehicles. The company is in contact with manufacturers in North America to discuss school buses and electric buses and is also working towards implementing a light commercial electric vehicle market in India. TECO expects to see results by the end of the year. As for now, TECO’s presence in the EV market is still primarily focused in Taiwan.

When it comes to energy storage, Fann pointed out that TECO established the “Innovative Energy Development Office” this year to integrate solar energy and energy storage. How open a government is when it comes to electricity regulations usually determines how long it takes to lay out a virtual power plant. TECO intends to continue storing energy over the next three years in preparation for a mature and liberated electricity market.

Air conditioning accounts for 40 to 50% of total energy consumption in both commercial buildings and factories. This year, TECO has demonstrated various smart energy conservation solutions, including the integration of AI software and hardware to create a smart air-conditioning energy conservation system and an efficient and energy saving cooling water tower, both of which can be applied to commercial buildings and factories.

Finally, TECO revealed their ESG-Ready Platform, which uses data analysis and a greenhouse gas inventory system to meet a business’ carbon emission predictions and the audit requirements of ISO 14064 and optimize reduction and management. For example, TECO’s smart air-conditioning energy conservation system can reduce 13.33 tonnes of carbon emissions per year for a 7-story commercial building. This system has been used in TECO’s own factories, leading to significant energy reduction.

Electric buses are playing a key role in reducing urban air pollution, and TECO’s next generation high-efficiency motors are providing a power source for public transportation on multiple routes in the city. As for green logistics, an AI dispatch and route planning system are being integrated into electric logistics vehicles, with each 100 km of green home delivery producing 50.2 kg less carbon emissions.

 (Image Source: TechNews)

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