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EU Hopes to Fulfill 40% of Annual Demand through Solar Capacity amidst Actuation of Energy Localization

published: 2023-04-04 9:30

The EU is currently drafting a legislation that aims to strengthen Europe’s production chain for clean energy. As pointed out by foreign media, the conversion of zero carbon transformation to industrial opportunities, including supply chains of solar power, wind power, thermal power, electrolytic cells, and cells, could yield a certain degree of production ratio within Europe.

Most of Europe’s existing solar products are imported from Asia, and China, in particular, exports more than 90% of solar products, including upstream silicon ingots and wafers, to Europe. The REPowerEU program announced by the EU last year aims to elevate solar capacity by twofold by 2025, and increase 600GW in installed capacity by 2030. This draft hopes that Europe’s capacity would fulfil 40% of the annual demand.

The draft also asks 85% of wind turbine components to be produced in Europe, and 60% for heat pumps, as well as hoping to elevate respective capacity ratio of cells and electrolytic cells to 85% and 50%.

The European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC) believes that at least 75% of Europe’s solar demand should be fulfilled by local production, meaning that the region’s solar capacity would arrive at 35GW by 2025, before rising to 60GW in 2026, and then finally attaining 100GW by 2030.

 (Cover photo source: pixabay)

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