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Renewed Cooperation! TW Solar and Libra Energy Reached A Cooperation of 100MW PV Shingled Module Supply

published: 2023-04-11 16:20

On March 16th, TW Solar overseas team and Libra Energy formally signed an agreement on the provision of 100MW high-efficiency modules. Surrounded by flowers and champagne, members on both sides had a fruitful discussion at the Solar Solutions International Exhibition in the Netherlands. Under this renewed cooperation, TW Solar will make every effort to help Libra Energy establish a presence in more regions and markets, and provide sustainable clean energy to more customers.

Libra Energy is a recognized provider of complete photovoltaic systems in Europe, and it is committed to providing comprehensive services and support for sustainable energy solutions. It has been focused on the market applications of shingled and high-efficiency N-type modules. The two sides have already established a partnership in the green energy landscape in 2019. And this time, by choosing again the highly aesthetic and eco-friendly Terra shingled modules of TW Solar, Libra Energy will make its diverse product portfolio even more competitive.

“TW Solar is famous for its reliable credibility and competitiveness as a world-renowned Tier-1 PV manufacturer. The recognized advantages of scale, technology, cost and quality provide Libra Energy with strong support for its comprehensive service, ”Libra Energy team said. Libra Energy Quality Control team has carefully assessed the production and operation processes of TW Solar module manufacturing bases. What they saw convinced them to choose TW Solar as a close partner in Libra Energy's world clean energy program.

As two players with more than a decade of industry experience, TW Solar and Libra Energy have achieved a range of consensus on perception and strategy, which will also help maximize the synergy of cooperation. Looking ahead, TW Solar and Libra Energy will work together and improve each other's strategic layout. That is really worth celebrating!

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