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2023 TW Solar #MustBeTERRA Distributed Roof Case Competition

published: 2023-04-14 17:21

In April, spring is in the air. The warm sunlight sprinkles on the earth, and nature shows its most beautiful side. Recently, the 2023 TW Solar #MustBeTERRA Distributed Roof Case Competition – Share your Roof Energy Story was officially launched!

Through this exciting event, we hope to showcase the advantages and significance of distributed photovoltaic power generation, contribute more clean energy to society, and promote the process of sustainable development.

As long as you have chosen the TW Solar TERRA Series modules, you can register to participate in this competition. Join our hands with TW Solar TERRA to lighten your roof!

The #MustBeTERRA Distributed Roof Case Selection Competition runs from April 10th to May 20th. The winners will be awarded honors and prizes during the Intersolar Europe (held from June 14th to June 16th in Munich). We welcome all customers and distributors of TW Solar to participate in our competition. Each applicant should provide 3 HD photos (pixel ≥7680 x 4320, storage capacity ≥10MB), and if you can also provide 15s or more live video (the video definition ≥1080P), that will be an important chip for you to win prizes!

After an expert review at the end of the event, we will select:

  • 3 “TW Solar Annual Sunshine Ambassador” (2 for Residential, 1 for Commercial and Industrial Roof ) who will receive a selected prize worth RMB 5,000. 
  • 15 “TW Solar Annual Energy Star” (10 for Residential, 5 for Commercial and Industrial Roof) who will receive a selected gift worth RMB 3,000. 
  • Several “TW Solar Annual Energy Pioneer” who will receive a customized mystery box worth RMB 500.

The event is now start! Don't wait any longer, scan the QR code in the picture to sign up and participate! Light up your roof story and share your PV journey! Share green energy with your camera. TW Solar TERRA is looking forward to your participation!

Sscan the QR code to join now:

Contact Us: sale01@tongwei.com

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