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Immersion Cooling Battery Adopted by TPC’s Changbin Energy Storage Site for the First Time

published: 2023-04-19 9:30

Immersion cooling battery supplier XING Mobility announced today (19th) that it will be providing a total of 2.4MWh of immersion cooling batteries for Taiwanese energy storage system provider Remotek Corporation, which will be used on the latter’s energy storage cabinets as the first immersion cooling energy storage system for green electricity and energy storage in Taiwan that will then be adopted by the third phase of TPC’s Changbin energy storage site.

As the world continues to advance in green electricity policies, a robust development is also seen in related energy storage technology in an attempt to overcome instability of power generation through renewable energy, where the expansion of renewable energy utilization by constructing energy storage equipment serves as one of the 12 critical strategies in Taiwan’s net zero transformation since the level of charging and discharging flexibility from energy storage systems is regarded as a key factor in improving grid controllability.

XING Mobility is now joining hands with Taiwanese energy storage system supplier Remotek Corporation by providing a total of 2.4MWh exclusively patented immersion cooling battery system IMMERSIOTM XM25 that will be used for the latter’s 200kWh energy storage cabinets, which will become the first immersion cooling energy storage system in Taiwan that adopts green electricity and energy storage.

The focus is to improve stability and security of energy storage systems, as well as accomplish temperature uniformity in batteries, modules, and systems through thermal management under a meticulous coordination of batteries and coolants, which would facilitate stable operation for energy storage systems that rely on renewable energy, assist with regulation of grid pressure, and ensure a sturdy output of green electricity. This particular energy storage system has been stationed at the third phase of TPC’s Changbin energy storage site, and is scheduled for testing and acceptance during Q3 this year, before introducing a more stable and tenacious grid performance.

Taiwan’s energy storage market is highly anticipated for its development potential under political and demand factors. As indicated by the forecast of renewable energy consulting firm ESS InfoLink, Taiwan’s energy storage market will be seeing a significant growth since 2023, before accumulating 20GWh of capacity by 2030 at an economic scale of NT$200 billion.

 (Cover photo source: XING Mobility)

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