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Zhuhai Hongjun Enters PV Industry with Launch of Its Project for Manufacturing HJT Products

published: 2023-04-19 9:30

On the morning of April 13, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for a new project initiated by Zhuhai Hongjun Aviation Manufacturing. Located in Doumen District of Zhuhai, a city in China’s Guangdong Province, the project will manufacture high-efficiency PV cells and modules based on the HJT technology. Hongjun has invested around RMB 5.9 billion into the project, and the project, in turn, is expected generate an annual output value of tens of billions of yuan once it enters the full-scale operation phase. The news about this event was first picked up Chinese renewable energy news websites.

The project site encompasses an area of around 300 mu, and the area that will be occupied by the facility buildings is estimated to reach around 300,000 square meters. Gree Group, an investment vehicle of the local government, will join Hongjun and invest around RMB 1.4 billion in constructing the facility buildings. The project will be carried out in three phases and is scheduled to fully ramp up at tend of 2025. By that time, the project will accommodate 7.2GW per year of production capacity for HJT cells and 5GW per year of projection capacity for modules. The annual output value and the annual taxable revenue of the entire project are also estimated to reach around RBM 11.8 billion and RMB 500 million respectively.

According the development plan, the first phase will be completed and accepted by the end of 2023. Gree Group will support Hongjun with respect to land acquisition and construction. Gree Group will also set the specifications of the facility buildings. These efforts will speed up the setup of the project and allow Hongjun to begin production as soon as possible. Currently, land survey and foundation laying have been initiated. The setup of the basic infrastructure, such as power, water, heating, and industrial gas lines is also underway.

Gree Group has also formed a joint venture with Xiandao Technology Group and CYG in order to establish a PV energy platform. Together, they will deploy more than 20,000kWh of DG PV systems in industrial parks and more than 50,000kWh of DG PV systems in the core and suburb of Zhuhai. The objective is to make Zhuhai a shining example of a major city in China powered by clean and renewable solar energy. Gree wants to make the city the country’s “PV capital”.

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