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Electric Vehicle Charger Aims for 15% Market Share, Delta Showcases Complete EV Infrastructure

published: 2023-04-28 9:30

Delta Electronics has been operating in the electric vehicle (EV) field for 15 years and their business in EVs is now thriving. The company combined transportation and infrastructure for the first time at 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan, integrating key components and power systems for both four-wheel and two-wheel EVs and creating comprehensive EV charging infrastructure solutions.

Shan-shan Guo, Delta’s Chief Brand Officer, stated that EVs are one of the main driving forces behind Delta’s double-digit growth target for the next five years. Currently, the company has already shipped 2 million units of EV chargers globally. At the exhibition, Delta showcased an ultra-fast 350 kW DC charger that enables EV owners to travel between Taipei and Kaoshiung in just 20 to 30 minutes. Six more highway service stations are slated for construction in the second half of the year, and a total of 22 new 350 kW fast chargers will be introduced.


▲The ultra-fast 350 kW DC charger has a maximum charging current of up to 540 amps and features dual-output charging connectors.

Delta also showcased several other EV charging solutions at the exhibition, including a 50 kW DC Wallbox for commercial buildings, and a lightweight AC MAX charging pile. Rui-yuan Xu, deputy manager of Delta’s EV charging business, said that over 200 communities, commercial buildings, charging stations, and highway service areas in Taiwan have already opted for Delta’s EV charging infrastructure solutions.

Delta’s current market share of on-board chargers for EVs stands at 4%; the company has set a future goal of achieving a 15% market share. Delta points out that the accelerated development of fast-charging stations in various countries is in response to the growing power capacities of EVs and their increasing popularity. This accelerated development is essential to reassuring consumers who purchase EVs.

The exhibition featured a range of electric two-wheeled vehicle power systems, such as e-scooters and e-bikes, as well as charging and power modules. A newly developed e-bike mid-drive motor with a compact design (Ø 11 x 9 cm) that weighs roughly 2.9 kg is expected to be mass-produced in the first quarter of 2024 and is suitable for use in e-Trekking bikes, e-MTBs, and e-Cargo bikes. Yu-sheng Huang, project manager of Delta’s Drive Products Division, noted that most e-Bike motors currently come from Europe, and as such this presents an opportunity for Taiwan in the future.

Delta further showcased its EV power control and drive systems, which include traction motors, traction inverters, integrated DC power modules, bi-directional on-board chargers (referred to as combo on-board chargers) and battery power adapters (also known as battery junction boxes).

The exhibition also showcased high-efficiency lightweight fans and thermal management solutions that are tailored to meet vehicle requirements. These solutions cover the main systems of the entire vehicle, including battery management (BMS), autonomous driving (AD), advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), LED headlights and lighting, intelligent cockpits, and automotive HVAC and climate seats.

In the future, newly constructed charging stations for public and mass use are expected to primarily utilize fast-charging technology. The European and American markets show significant potential for the growth of fast-charging stations. Delta points out that their most important factories are currently located in Thailand, Wujiang (China), and Slovakia. However, they will also establish factories in Dallas (USA) and Hungary to address the localization needs of different countries; the Dallas factory will cater to Delta’s overall demand, while the Hungarian factory will primarily focus on on-board equipment production.

 (Image Source: TechNews)

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