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CALB Starts Mass Production of New Generation of LFP Batteries with Energy Density Reaching 153Wh/kg

published: 2023-05-03 9:30

On April 23, CALB formally commenced the mass production of the One-Stop (OS) LFP battery system at its manufacturing base in Jiangmen, China’s Guangdong Province. Shaped like a rectangular razor, the OS LFP battery system has an energy density reaching 153Wh/kg.

Source: CALB

CALB invested a total of RMB 20 billion in building the base in Jiangmen. The base accommodates 50GWh per year of production capacity for NEV power battery systems and energy storage battery systems. The agreement for this project was signed on January 26, 2022. The groundbreaking for the base occurred on March 18 of the same year. Then, trial production began in March 2023. Now, near the end of April, the first phase of the project has begun mass production.

Wang Xiaoqiang, VP of CALB, said that the OS LFP battery system offers the highest energy density among all LFP batteries that are now being mass produced. Higher energy density means a longer range for NEVs. Wang also noted that vehicle models that are now powered by the OS LFP battery system can attain 600km on a single charge.

As a comparison, the energy density of BYD’s blade battery system reached 140Wh/kg in 2020 and has now risen to 150Wh/kg. Also, the energy density of CATL’s Qilin LFP battery system can attain 160Wh/kg.

Wang also revealed that the Hyper GT, an electric executive sedan from GAC Aion, will be the first vehicle model to adopt the OS LFP battery system and is set to be released in the second quarter of this year. Many other vehicle models are expected to follow suit, and their adoption announcements will be made shortly.

The OS LFP battery system comprises more than one technological innovation. It is the culmination of the various concepts and solutions that were first outlined by CALB in 2021. The emphases of the OS series are integrated design and simplified manufacturing process. Based on these principles, CALB has selected the appropriate chemical compositions and package designs to meet its customers’ various needs. On the whole, CALB has maintained a very extensive and diverse array of products.

CALB’s OS series of battery systems include the OS Hi-Mn LXFP battery system and the U-type cylindrical battery system. The OS Hi-Mn LXFP battery system, in particular, has reached 180Wh/kg in energy density and 700km in single-charge driving range.

As for the U-type cylindrical battery system, it offers a new breakthrough on top of the simplified design under the framework of the OS series. Thanks to the in-house innovations related to chemical composition, structural design, package material, the layout of electrodes and electrolyte, etc., the U-type cylindrical battery system is able to offer a 50% reduction in internal resistance and an energy density of up to 300Wh/kg.

This article is a translation of a Chinese article posted by Wendy at TrendForce. It contains information that is either sourced from other news outlets or accessible in the public domain. Some Chinese names are transcribed into English using Hanyu Pinyin.

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