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Vena Energy Officially Activates Largest PV Island in Taiwan at 272MW

published: 2023-05-08 9:30

Vena Energy has finished the construction of its new Xinxing Power Plant regarded as the “largest PV island in Taiwan”, which has an installed capacity of 272MW, and generates 400 million kWh of power each year, making it the single largest power site in Taiwan. The Xinxing Power Plant will generate 1kWh of every 25kWh green electricity in Taiwan after official activation, and will become a robust support for Taiwan’s energy transformation.

Vena Energy rented the Xinxing Offshore Industrial Park from the Industrial Development Bureau in 2019, and shoulders a significant mission that is net zero emission by 2050. The company spent the past four years in shaping the industrial park into the largest solar site in Taiwan, and safeguards Taiwan’s sustainable development in green energy through actual actions that would guide the industry towards a low carbon future.

Occupying 226 hectares of land, the Xinxing Power Plant is formed with 680K solar modules and 90K units of foundation, and has an installed capacity of 272MW, with an annual power generation of 400 million kWh that can provide enough electricity for 90K households each year. The power plant adjusts according to Yunlin where it has the highest solar exposure in Taiwan, and is the first private operator to adopt bifacial power modules and produces bifacial solar panels at an average increase of 2-4% in power generation compared to general solar panels. Such leading level of power generation will thus provide more stable green electricity.

President Tsai Ing-wen commented at the opening ceremony of the Xinxing Power Plant that net zero emission by 2050 is not only a target of Taiwan, but also of the world. Taiwan will begin implementing the carbon duty starting from November this year, and the government will then gradually actuate 100% green electricity at an estimated revenue of NT$5 trillion. 25 companies have joined RE100, while several hundreds of companies have proposed their demand for green electricity, which would stimulate trillions of investment for both upstream and downstream of the energy industry chain. Taiwan, as it creates new job opportunities for the industry through net zero and low carbon development, brooks no delay in renewable energy advancement.

 (Cover photo source: Vena Energy)

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