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GUS Tech Inaugurates 1 GWh Zhongli Plant, Anticipates Annual Capacity of 6 Million Batteries

published: 2023-05-09 9:30

GUS Tech, which specializes in lithium-titanate-oxide (LTO) batteries and high-nickel ternary materials, inaugurated its factory in the Zhongli Industrial Park on April 26th. The company invested a total of NTD 4 billion into the fab, which has generated 300 job opportunities.

The Zhongli fab plans to begin production in the third quarter of 2023 at an initial capacity of 250 MWh. Eventually, the fab aims to exceed 1 GWh by the second quarter of 2024 and produce 6 million batteries per year. The company’s new Zhongli site consists of two buildings: the main production base, which will manufacture the lithium battery cores, and an R&D center devoted to the development of next-gen battery technology.

The plant utilizes a low-temperature, intelligent manufacturing process that recycles 100% of industrial wastewater and solutions—saving more than 70 million kWh of electricity per year. Manufacturing batteries requires eight steps: mixing slurry, coating anodes and cathodes, slitting, cutting, stacking, packaging, and finally, injecting the electrolytes.

Chairman Chang Chung-chieh is optimistic that battery demand will grow by more than 4 GWh over the next three years. In addition to their long-standing collaboration with Japanese customer Kaneka Chemical, GUS Tech announced partnerships with Toshiba and Slovakian battery company InoBat Auto. The company is also currently in talks with potential partners, including four or five OEM clients: two from Japan, one from Europe and an undisclosed number from India.

During the inauguration ceremony, GUS Tech revealed that it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with several international partners, including UK-based Echion technologies, Norway’s Beyonder, and India’s Midwest Energy PVT. The company also plans to build a plant in India, with details currently under discussion.

 (Source: Tech News)

GUS Tech continues to expand its manufacturing presence in Taiwan, proudly showcasing its Made in Taiwan (MIT) status. The company also recently signed an MOU with Taoyuan Aertropolis to establish Taiwan’s first GWh lithium battery super factory—a join effort combining local talent and international standards. GUS Tech aims to integrate Taiwan’s industrial resources and talent with its core technology, leveraging high-end, customized R&D capabilities to secure a leading position in the global energy market, and ultimately highlight Taiwan’s battery R&D and manufacturing expertise.

The GUS Tech team has honed its R&D advantages across various stages—from upstream materials to cell design, manufacturing, modules, and end applications. They have successfully developed different products and applications, tailoring products to meet diverse customer needs and creating batteries that fulfill specific requirements. The same production line can manufacture high-nickel, lithium carbonate, and even future solid-state batteries.

Through ongoing development, research, and improvement, GUS Tech employs high-quality materials in cell manufacturing to optimize product yield. Its lithium batteries boast high safety, high-rate discharge, high energy storage, a wide working temperature range, and a long lifecycle. With these highly customizable features, GUS Tech aligns with international development trends in the industry.

 (Image Source: GUS Tech)

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