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Volvo Showcases BEV Future around Taiwan with Experience on Sustainability, Safety, and Power

published: 2023-06-19 9:30

Volvo aims to accomplish the 100% battery electric target by 2030, and has been constantly communicating with car owners and the public in recent years in the hope of widening the electrification community. The company will be hosting a nationwide showcase of its BEVs and additional electrification technology in Taiwan starting from June this year.

Volvo aims to build safe vehicles and an ecosphere that coexists with the Earth, which avoids any sacrifices on the path of evolution. This nationwide tour of Volvo comprises of three major themes, and invites the public to explore the company’s perspective in a sustainable business, protection on the safety of passengers through EV and battery technology, and obtainment of equilibrium in driving between power and safety, alongside the approach of coexisting with the environment amidst development and operation among businesses.

Volvo, as the first automotive brand in the world that adopts zero petrochemical steelmaking and green steels, is also the first automotive manufacturer who eradicates illegal labor and excessive excavation through block chain technology, which reduces carbon footprint by 40%. Volvo has been lowering the adoption of animal leather since its release of the battery electric sports SUV C40 Recharge in 2021, and aims to accomplish the target of zero animal leather by 2030, before marching towards being a business of climate neutrality by 2040.

In addition, Volvo is also increasing the ratio of renewable energy for the processes of their vehicles each year, and had managed to attain 66% of clean energy from manufacturing processes as of the end of 2022, where the Skövde plant in Sweden had even accomplished climate neutrality since the end of 2018.

For every 1,000 presses of the interactive button at the exhibition, Volvo will be planting a single tree at Zhuangwei Township in the hope of building a green coast through substantial contribution towards decarbonization. Construction materials used for the exhibition will be recycled at the largest degree, and then used for the refurbishment of houses in remote regions that will realize sustainability.

A completion of the BEV test drive experience at Volvo’s nationwide exhibition between June 9th and July 2nd will receive a 100km mileage voucher for Volvo’s BEVs at Carplus, and could go into the draw for eligibility of long-term free test drive on the Volvo XC40 Recharge Twin Motor.

 (Photo source: Volvo)

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