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Genesis Pioneers Facial Recognition in Electric Vehicles, Raising the Question: When Will We See It in Action?

published: 2023-06-21 9:30

Genesis, a luxury vehicle division under the Hyundai Group, is spearheading a new technological innovation in the automotive industry. It's set to roll out the GV60, the first EV worldwide to boast facial recognition technology. While this cutting-edge feature sounds undeniably intriguing, the real mystery is when it will hit the roads in full stride.

Genesis, a South Korean luxury marque, has been relentless in its pursuit of innovation since launching its first all-electric SUV, the GV60, in 2021. Now, Genesis is once again grabbing headlines by incorporating the latest in facial recognition technology, marking a new era in electric vehicle development and production.

Almost every new mid-range vehicle on the market offers keyless functionality, enabling owners to unlock their cars without the need for physical keys. In fact, some vehicles have evolved to the point where a smartphone can serve as a key, automatically unlocking as the owner approaches the vehicle. Genesis, however, is shifting the paradigm even further by integrating facial recognition—a pioneering step beyond keyless functionality. This ensures that even if the car owner forgets their phone, their face will be the key.

The GV60 is outfitted with a Near-Infrared (NIR) camera on the B-pillar, working in tandem with an AI processing controller. The vehicle springs to life, unlocking automatically when it detects the owner’s approach. Simultaneously, it adjusts the driving position, steering wheel, and heads-up display position based on the owner’s established preferences. In this innovative system, owners can program up to three user profiles, each of which the vehicle can automatically recognize.

With a recognition distance of up to 1 meter, the GV60 goes a step further with welcome lighting and night-time safety auxiliary lighting. For those considering a luxury car purchase, it’s these attention-grabbing details that can often stoke the buying impulse.

For today’s tech-savvy populace, this feature may seem superfluous at first, as it’s rare to leave the house without a smartphone in hand. However, there are scenarios where this groundbreaking feature could prove to be a lifesaver—when a phone is lost, replaced without setting, or reset. At the very least, this function ensures a smooth journey to your destination while you sort out your mobile conundrum.

Genesis is revving up its sustainability engine, with plans to halt the production of new fuel vehicles by 2025 and shift entirely into the electric lane. The automaker is setting its sights on achieving 100% zero emissions by 2030. Their first American-assembled electric vehicle, the GV70, has already hit production this year, targeting high-end customers with an eye on capturing a significant slice of the booming electric vehicle market.

 (Image Source: Genesis)

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