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Turnover of PV Glass Market Has Underwhelmed

published: 2023-07-11 17:53

This week, the domestic PV glass market has witnessed sluggish overall turnover, leading to downward pressure on local prices. During negotiations for new orders, some quoted prices slipped by 0.5 yuan /㎡, while a few companies are still awaiting agreement on pricing terms. However, in July, as the number of module manufacturers commencing production has improved compared to June. As production gradually ramps up, the number of orders is expected to increase due to the necessary purchases for production requirements. The market dynamics are influenced by several factors, including high inventory levels of finished products among some module enterprises and buyers’ insistence on lowering prices. This situation has led to a bargaining game between buyers and sellers.

Glass manufacturers are facing a disparity between their production capacity and order volume, causing some manufacturers to lower their profit margins in order to secure more new orders. Currently, overall shipments remain low and stable, with slight fluctuations and a slight increase in inventory levels. Regarding the cost side, there has been a slight decrease in the price of soda ash, which has provided some alleviation of the cost pressure in glass production. Overall, the market has been stable yet weak during this week, resulting in a wait-and-see approach from many companies in the market.

In terms of production capacity, as of Thursday (last week), the country has a total of 449 PV glass production lines with a combined daily melting capacity of 90,130 tons, representing a 1.35% increase on a weekly basis and a substantial 50.95% increase compared to the same period last year. Additionally, there has been a 2.01% increase over the previous week. Kibing Solar's five production lines, with a total daily melting capacity of 1,200 tons, are scheduled to begin operation on July 2nd.

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