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Bidding Overview of Domestic Energy Storage in June

published: 2023-07-17 17:38

According to partial statistics, a total of 29 domestic electrochemical energy storage projects were opened for bidding in June 2023, with a combined capacity of 13.73GWh. This represents a significant month-on-month increase of 125.08%. From January to June 2023, the total bidding capacity for domestic energy storage reached 36.26GWh (statistics are incomplete and include centralized procurement and framework agreements). In terms of bidding types, energy storage modules accounted for 45% of the projects, followed closely by energy storage system equipment at 44%, and EPC projects at 11%.

When categorized by project type, centralized procurement projects accounted for over half of the total capacity. Among the projects opened for bidding this month, there were 11 independent energy storage projects, 10 new energy distribution storage projects, 7 framework procurement projects, and 1 customer project. Their respective capacity shares were 12%, 7%, 1%, and 80%. In terms of framework procurement projects, the bidding capacity reached 11GWh, mainly comprising two supersized projects. The first project involves the centralized procurement of 5GWh of energy storage batteries by China Electrical Equipment Group. This project consists of 9 bid packages, with winning bidders including CALB, Great Power, Hithium, and REPT. The second project involves the procurement of 5GWh of lithium iron phosphate electrochemical energy storage systems by China Huadian Group. This project has two bidding stages, with Sungrow Power, CESC, BYD, among others, emerging as the main winning bidders.

The average bid price in June reached 1.12 yuan per Wh, marking the lowest price point this year. Specifically, the average bid price for energy storage system equipment was 1.04 yuan/Wh, while the EPC average bid price stood at 1.49 yuan/Wh. Notably, the bidding capacity for energy storage system equipment surpassed that of EPC projects this month, primarily influenced by the 5GWh centralized procurement project by Huadian Group. In this project, the winning prices for the two bidding stages were 1.05 and 1.06 yuan/Wh respectively. However, the lowest winning bid price for energy storage system equipment was below 1 yuan, specifically offered by Envision Group for a 100MW photovoltaic power generation equipment procurement project. This project, tendered by HATG and located in Jiudun Beach of Liangzhou District, saw Envision Group offer 0.99 yuan/Wh.

In terms of EPC projects, the lowest winning price was for a 100MW wind power project with a 10MW and 20MWh energy storage component in Yexian, Henan Province. The winning bidder, Pinggao Group, as the contractor, offered a bidding price of 1.24 yuan/Wh. With the rise in lithium carbonate prices from around 180,000 yuan per ton to approximately 300,000 yuan per ton in June, it is expected that energy storage prices will rebound in the future.

In June, the bidding capacity for new energy storage tenders reached 7.98GWh, representing a substantial year-on-year increase of 285.83%. From January to June 2023, the total domestic energy storage tenders reached 44.74GWh, including centralized procurement and framework agreements. Based on partial statistics, there were 26 new energy storage bidding projects in June, with a combined capacity of 7.98GWh. Among them, framework procurement projects accounted for 4.4GWh, household energy storage projects accounted for 2.6GWh, and new energy distribution storage projects accounted for 0.9GWh. User-side and FM projects constituted a relatively small proportion of the total. Following the absence of framework procurement projects in May and the relatively smaller capacity, the month-on-month increase was notably high. The largest bidding project in June was the centralized procurement of a 3.5GWh lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage system by CEEC for the year. Additionally, the largest single bidding project was the EPC contracting of an energy storage power station in Haixi, Qinghai Province, with a capacity of 889MWh.

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