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PV Glass Price is Expected to Rise Driven by the Strong Demand and Supply

published: 2023-08-14 18:03

As of 4th August, the mainstream price of domestic 2.0mm coated photovoltaic glass is 17.5 yuan/㎡, an increase compared with last week; the mainstream price of domestic 3.2mm coated photovoltaic glass is 25.5 yuan / ㎡, an increase compared with last week.
As of 4th August, the domestic photovoltaic glass production capacity reaches 91010 tons / day. There is no no ignition ceremony for production line last week, but the production capacity continues to remain stable. There is a PV glass production line, leading to the increase of the actual output. This week no production line exists ignition program, but there is a production line is expected to lead the head out of the glass, the actual production or continue to grow. At present, the total domestic photovoltaic glass production capacity is 96,440 tons/day, and the industry capacity utilization rate 94.37%.
Module prices stabilized last week, and the current overseas market is in the summer break, and thus module manufacturers suffer pressure from the inventory. Therefore, there is backflow of some modules, which to a certain extent impacted the domestic module market and leads to manufacturers to compete fiercely with each other. As the customer demand increases, the overall operation rate of module manufacturers in August will show an upward trend, which will drive up the consumer demand for photovoltaic glass.
Since August, PV glass supply and demand are showing both growth trend, and the growth rate of demand is higher than that of supply, leading to the overall inventory of manufacturers declining. Last week, the cost of photovoltaic glass didn’t change, and the current industry gross margin is at about 27%. Due to the supply and demand situation improvement, it is expected that in August the overall price of PV glass will rise.

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