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Surging Ahead! Tongwei Solar Soars into the Top Five in 2023 Global Module Shipment!

published: 2024-03-05 15:23

According to the latest figures, Tongwei Solar's cumulative global shipments of solar cells surpassed 200GW, establishing it as the largest solar cell producer worldwide in terms of production capacity and shipment volume! Additionally, Tongwei has maintained its position as the global leader in solar cell shipments for seven consecutive years.

As a frontrunner in the production of silicon materials and cells, Tongwei has quickly ascended in the module segment within just over a year, landing a spot among the top five global module shippers (according to InfoLink Consulting, an authoritative photovoltaic industry analyst).

In 2023, backed by high-quality raw materials, cutting-edge technology, and strong comprehensive capabilities, Tongwei not only enhanced its products' competitiveness through core technologies but also solidified its product delivery capabilities through capacity expansion. The company has made significant breakthroughs in product innovation and base construction, positioning itself as a key player in driving the high-quality development of the module market.

Driving high-quality development with innovation

Innovation is the core competency at the heart of Tongwei Solar’s market presence. As of the end of 2023, Tongwei Solar had applied for a total of 1,917 patents, 1,756 domestically, with 1,069 granted.

Tongwei Solar’s diversified technical research has charted courses through mainstream technologies such as TOPCon, HJT, IBC, and perovskite/silicon stacking and made headway into TNC technology with the development of the first 210 PECVD Poly pilot line and industry leading PECVD technology. It is a technology employed at present by more than 50% of the industry’s production capacity, making Tongwei Solar a technological development pioneer.

According to authoritative certification body TÜV SÜD, standard size 2,384 x 1,303mm Tongwei Solar THC modules achieved an HJT cell conversion efficiency of 26.49% by December 2023, module efficiency reaching 24.31%, and front-end module power 755.03W. Impressively, it was the sixth time for Tongwei Solar to break an HJT module power and conversion efficiency record in 2023.

Driving progress by diversifying efforts, expanding production, and improving efficiency

As one of the global leaders in the photovoltaic sector, Tongwei Solar has made significant strides in expanding production scales, implementing intelligent manufacturing, and advancing the construction of green factories in recent years.

With the surge in global demand for clean energy and in response to market shifts, Tongwei Solar has actively pursued capacity expansion.  By the end of 2023, Tongwei Solar had achieved a module production capacity of 63GW.

However, capacity figures are not merely surface-level indicators; they signify a company's "delivery power" within the supply chain. Tongwei Solar has truly lived up to "increasing capacity and ensuring delivery," providing global customers with more stable and efficient product supplies.

Beyond expanding production bases, Tongwei Solar is dedicated to enhancing production efficiency and product quality. The company boasts the largest single-scale module production base in the global PV industry - the Tongwei Solar Yancheng Base. Utilizing an innovative "5G+" digital management model, the base achieves intelligent operation and AOI detection throughout its processes. It leads the industry in digitalization, intelligence, and automation. The module production process is highly automated, leading to a 30% increase in output under the same labor conditions, further achieving cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

Lighting the way to a green revolution

Tongwei Solar has always built bases with equal consideration for ecology, continuously exploring the path of green, sustainable development, reducing carbon emissions with clean energy, and utilizing resources cyclically in its low-carbon, environmentally friendly factories. It has been rewarded for its efforts with greater economic benefits and environmental protection.

Tongwei recently joined the RE100 (100% Renewable Electricity) initiative, demonstrating its commitment to reducing carbon footprints and promoting clean energy usage.

Tongwei Solar will follow new development opportunities to innovate in quality, efficiency, technology, and innovation, creating products that align with the era of carbon neutrality.

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