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Germany has streamlined regulations for balcony solar power plants

published: 2024-04-03 17:18

Germany's Bundesnetzagentur has updated the registration rules for balcony solar systems, aiming to reduce bureaucratic hurdles and promote their widespread adoption. The new regulations, effective from April 1, 2024, require operators to provide only 5 pieces of project-related information, in addition to personal details, compared to the previous requirement of 20 pieces of information. This move is intended to simplify the registration process and accelerate the integration of balcony solar PV systems into the country's energy landscape.

Bundesnetzagentur President Klaus Müller emphasized the importance of facilitating public participation in the energy transition, stating that the swift and uncomplicated registration of balcony solar systems is a key priority. With the increasing popularity of balcony solar systems in Germany, the agency believes that these simplified rules will further bolster their adoption and enhance their role in driving the energy transition. Furthermore, the agency has expressed its commitment to ongoing simplification efforts, including potential revisions to the Solar Package I currently under discussion in the German Parliament Bundestag, with the goal of streamlining the data requirements for MaStR, particularly regarding the orientation of the systems.

The new legislation specifies that balcony power plants no longer need to be reported to the network operator. Instead, registration in the MaStR will be considered adequate. The Federal Network Agency will automatically notify the relevant network operator about the newly connected balcony power plant.

Source: Taiyang news

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