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Tongwei, Trina Solar, Canadian Solar All Fall! Component Prices May Continue to Bottom Out in the Short Term

published: 2024-04-29 15:31

Recently, there has been intense competition in the module market, leading to a general decline in prices among branded modules. Following Tongwei's lead in reducing prices last week, both Trina Solar and Canadian Solar have also followed suit.

Canadian Solar, in particular, faced a shortage of domestic inventory in March, as most of its N-type module products were supplied overseas, resulting in March prices for Canadian Solar's N-type modules remaining consistently high at 1 RMB/W. However, with the recovery of domestic supply and demand, the company's prices have now returned to mainstream market levels.

Amidst the widespread price fluctuations in the market, Canadian Solar's N-type module prices have declined from 0.92 RMB/W at the beginning of April to the current 0.86 RMB/W, representing a significant decrease of 6 fen/W within the month. Furthermore, according to the manufacturer, there is expected to be further downward in the future.

While several manufacturers and distributors have suggested that module prices may have bottomed out, brand owners are still seeking various means to reducing prices to expedite inventory clearance processes.

Distributors have revealed that they have received information indicating that due to excess inventory, several leading brands have notified that there may be further price reductions recently。They plan to bundle slow-moving products with mainstream products for sale, thereby reducing the overall average price, although this reduction is expected to be only slight.

Currently, prices for first-tier N-type modules range from 0.86 to 0.92 RMB/W., while second-tier brands range from 0.82 to 0.88 RMB/W..

Additionally, some second-tier modules have indicated that while they will adjust prices with industry trends, their prices overall remain stable, with minimal downward trends.


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